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College Graduate Resume : Most of the fresh College Graduate wonder at the start of their career if they could find a job that requires fresh graduates with no experience. It is because almost every job advertisement mentions a few years of the required experience. But the situation is not as bleak as it looks for the graduates with no experience at all.

There are jobs nevertheless however scarce maybe that are to be filled by inexperienced few. You can make sure that you are one of those lucky few by making an effective resume that could catch the employer’s attention.

The key to making an effective resume is to target the specific job you are applying for and put emphasis on the nature of the job in your resume. You need to let go of writing one resume for applying to numerous jobs which are quite different from each other.

Focus your mind on what a particular employer wants from you regarding the job you are applying for. Tailor your achievements and educational details to the nature of the job and demand of the employer if you want to grab the employer’s attention by only submitting your resume.

It has been noticed that many career counselors have become weary of including objective statements for showing their career potentials. An appropriately phrased objective statement does at least two things for you.

First, it gives you the opportunity to immediately focus and address the specific qualifications for the job. Second, a well-thought-out statement will not only determine your vision for the future but also tell the employer your potential for future responsibilities in the organization.

What to include in College Graduate Resume?

1- First of all include as much personal information as you can or as per the resume norms in your country. Full names, postal addresses, Email addresses, telephone numbers preferably cell numbers so you never miss a call from a potential employer are universally approved personal details. You can decide on including date of birth and marital status according to the country you are living in.

2- A unique and demonstrative objective statement that could clarify your vision and future goals to the reader.

3- For fresh graduates with no paid work experience, it is advised that they place their educational qualifications immediately below the personal profile. List at least all those courses that are relevant to the job somehow.

4- List the projects or other works that show training in some field along with any certificates you got as a result.

5- Technically speaking, you are never completely inexperienced because you must have done things like participating in the arrangement of events. Mention what you did as your achievement statement instead of in the form of responsibilities. Don’t just write down the work and responsibilities you performed, elaborate on what you actually achieved or learned from that.

6- Finally include all the healthy interests and hobbies you have in your resume to show that you are a social being and have certain extra-curricular abilities as well.

Mistakes to avoid:

1- You can never just tell the employer that you have no real work experience whether it’s needed for the job or not. Volunteer work, internship, or just observation of a work environment could count as experience if you can elaborate the skills you learned from them.

2- Nothing can be more annoying for employers than dialing a phone number and getting no reply. Mention only that phone number on which you are available always during office hours.

3- In this digital age, email has taken the place of paper mail. You just can’t afford to not mention a valid email address on your resume.

4- Professionally crafted resume speaks for itself and doesn’t need fancy fonts and formatting. Avoid doing too much formatting because it can only distract the reader from finding your actual strength in the resume.

5- Elaborate just about everything from courses to internships to hobbies. A half-page resume with a number of bullets seems a shallow document without any real material to tell. Elaborate as much as you can at every point in the resume to tell the reader that you have actually done what you have mentioned.

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