Customer Service Resume Sample (BPO)

Customer Service Resume Sample

Customer service people are working in different fields which have various job opportunities in this field. Here best Customer Service Resume Sample are provided which will guide you to prepare your resume suiting your job titles.

In this section, some Customer Service Resume Sample along with action words are provided. It will helpful for those who are seeking jobs in the field of customer services to prepare a job fetching resume.

This customer services resume samples are beneficial for job titles which include internet consulting services, website consulting services, major consulting services, hr consulting services.

Customer Service Resume Sample

Personal Details:

  • Name
  • Current and Permanent Address
  • Contact Details: Phone Number
  • E-mail

Career Objective: 

In this section, you should write your aim and aspirations in the concerned field. Here include your knowledge and experience in the field of customer service in detail. For example, for customer services resume your career objective will be like:

Looking for a position in the field of customer services to utilize knowledge and experience in the said field to achieve personal as well as organizational goal

Educational Qualification:

In the education qualification section, you have to give all details regarding your educational qualification. It should include degree obtained, name of college/university, year of passing, and awards.

For example:

Educational Qualification Name of Institute Year of passing

  • General Studies Name of School Year
  • Graduation Name of college/ University Year
  • Masters Name of college/ University Year

Professional Qualification:

If you have done any relevant course or training, do mention it. It will work to your credentials. You can also mention researches related to degree or reporting in this section.


In the work experience section, provide details regarding all your previous experience. While writing your work experience, always begin with recent work experience. Also, include your major responsibilities in current organizations. It should also include your skill and contribution made to the previous organization in terms of accomplishments.

Provide your customer services skills also any other skills like computer skills, software, and specific things that you have done in a previous organization. Explain your contribution made to the previous organization in terms of accomplishments.

While writing your work experience, you can follow below format:

  • Term or tenure
  • Name of Company
  • Designation


In this section, include all other significant activities and major achievements including organization, student organization, and sports achievements.

Action Verbs

Following are the action verbs and keywords related to customer service. You can use as many as possible keywords and action verbs in your resume.

Augment, client, innovate, SAP, economy, service, industry, economy, expertise, business, organizations, consult, applications, manage, innovation, advise, HR, family consulting, software, consulting management, human resource, planning, customer services, core set.

Customer Service Resume Sample Doc

This page provides you a Customer Service Resume Sample. The tips given here will help to build an effective resume so that to get the best job in the customer services field. Use this resume format to construct a resume for the position of customer service (domestic BPO). Make changes in your resume according to your work experience and education.

Customer Service Resume Sample

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