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Your resume pivoted around one of the professionally chosen cv samples is a must to grab the recruiter’s attention. Let us explain easy & must-do things to make your resume more appealing. Let us throw light on 10 tips.

  • Do Perfect formatting on the chosen cv sample.
  • Take note of your Cv’s length & thus, mentioning the only relevant information
  • Modify career objectives as per the industry type where you might want to appear for an interview.
  • Make your resume pivot around confidence & logic
  • If you are a fresher, elaborate on your summer internships or projects.
  • Verbiage chose by you.
  • Avoid reiteration.
  • Use Proper date format.
  • Mention about rewards & recognition you might have bagged in previous jobs
  • Proactively furnish references

Perfect formatting of contents on the chosen cv sample.

One morning you wake up and find a newspaper with improperly formatted information, poor alignment, and a bad font. Will you feel like even looking at it if not reading it? This is what our point is. Your cv is as important as the interview.

We are not advocating that solely having the best resume will assure you a chance in all interviews. Not at all. What we are laying a great degree of stress on is the fact that the information jotted down on your curriculum vitae should be catchy and get the recruiter involved in it.

Taking note of your Cv sample’s length & thus, mentioning the only relevant information

Time and again we have observed that mid-level managers who have experience of about a decade under their belt end up elaborating their first job experience as much as the last organization they worked for. Does it really make sense?

Especially realizing the fact that the longer your cv is, the boring it gets for the recruiters to scan it. Hence, keep it short and simple. The ideal length of cv samples should be 2-3 pages.

Modifying career objective on any of the chosen cv samples as per the firm which might take your next interview

Let us refer to an example. Let’s say my resume’s career objective says this: To cement my feet in the supply chain industry by utilizing my procurement skills. Certainly not bad if I desire to work or to continue in the field of the supply chain.

Now imagine I am planning to switch to a different industry. So will the same objective be logical? Get your objective adapted on the basis of where you might end up giving an interview.

Making your resume pivot around confidence & logic

Now focus on these two sentences with almost the same meaning.

A) Conducted coaching for my team members once a week.

B) Conducted interactive coaching for my team members and tried going the extra mile in motivating them a great deal.

Both the sentences almost mean the same. But confidence is oozing out from the latter. It signifies that I was taking great interest in my work and hence was confident. Not to forget the second one is more positive too.

Verbiage is chosen by you.

Language is the key in any of cv samples. It not only conveys to the interviewer about your credentials and work snapshots but also gives him an idea about your verbal communication from the choice of your words on paper.

We do not intend to suggest you spending all the vocabulary you have learned in life on cv samples. We rather want you to watch out for the language. Make it short & crisp. You can also check How to prepare for interview in India?

Avoid reiteration.

Even if you had twin roles and responsibilities with multiple companies, do not copy and paste the identical sentences on your resume. Paraphrasing will help you not to sound repetitive.

Proper date format

Most job seekers mention the experience dates in DD/MM/YY format. You do not need to be that specific. Just mention month & year. For example: Worked with ABC firm from Jan,12- Jun,15. Some people also mention the experience ranges as Jan,12 – May. It is simply incomplete and certainly not the best way to add stars to any of the chosen cv samples.

Mentioning about rewards & recognition given by the previous organization

Jotting down the appreciation you got at your previous employer’s in one of the cv samples you choose for yourself will certainly make you an impressive job seeker in the eyes of hr recruiters.

Proactively furnish references

A bunch of job seekers ignore this but let me tell you, mentioning references is a brilliant idea. It symbolizes the fact that you are ready to your colleagues endorse your credentials.

This will relax the recruiters from worrying about possible credentials fabrication & rightly so.

Also, mentioning profile id on one of the chosen cv samples is an add-on & will certainly cast a healthy impression on recruiters all over. Recruiters can hear you talk confidently and that will be impressive for sure.

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