Fresher Teacher Resume Format Download

Fresher Teacher Resume Format Download

Teacher Resume Format: Below you will find various resume examples you can use when developing Your Best Resume Ever! All of these sample resumes are REAL. They are actual resumes that my previous clients paid for. Of course, their names and contact information have been changed to protect their identities. I’ve attempted to include several industries and functions to provide you with a wide range of materials to draw from. If there is an industry you’d like to see that isn’t listed, please leave a comment below. I’ll do my best to make it available. I’ll also update you when your request is loaded.

The Most Important Thing on Your Resume

Can you hear me now?

You can have the best resume. You can be supremely qualified for the position. And you can even have a red cape and an “ S “ on your chest. But if you get this one thing wrong on your resume, it will mess up everything. And you won’t even notice it.

The one thing. The single most important thing on your resume is your contact information. I’ve seen it a million, bazillion. Get one letter wrong in the email address. Forget that your email is now Gmail and not yahoo. Get a single digit wrong in your phone number and people will be trying to contact you and you’ll never know it.

The hardest problem to identify

I’ve had clients that this has happened to. We’ve drafted their documents. They look amazing. All the information is perfect. But their finger slipped when they typed in their phone number. Instead of 4565, it was 4595. And they couldn’t figure out why nobody was calling them for an interview.

The worst part is, mistaken contact info is usually the last thing you’ll check when you’re confused as to why you’re not getting interview calls. You’ll try to restructure the resume. Change some of the wording in the cover letter. You’ll even think about doing a complete re-draft. This is why your contact info being correct is so important. It will save you a HUGE headache.

So check your contact info. Then check it again. Then check it again each time you send the resume out to anyone, just to make sure. You can never be too careful with this one, simple but powerful piece of information. Whatever you do, please, please make sure your phone number and email address are correct on your career documents.

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