Best Indian Resume Format For Indian People

Indian Resume Format

Writing a perfect Indian resume needs effort and help from professionals. The task is complicated as the resume is reviewed by the hiring manager or placement agency. There are many professional Indian resumes formats available for the help of job applicants. To start writing a resume, job applicants can use any of the templates that suit them or the job they are applying for. Below are few tips to write a perfect Indian resume:

  1. The Indian resume should be written in a basic font. This makes it easily readable.
  2. It is very important to provide complete contact information in the resume. The information should include address, cell number, telephone number, email address, etc.
  3. In the Indian resume, keywords with respect to the job description should be highlighted. This gives the hiring manager impression of your suitability at a simple glance.
  4. The job applicant should choose the right type of resume based on job requirements. Enough time and effort should be spent on customizing the templates as per the needs.
  5. The content in the resume should be prioritized. For example, the most recent job experience should be listed first followed by immediate previous employment.
  6. The objective of the resume is an important part of the resume. It should be clear and match the job description you are applying for.
  7. A considerable amount of time must be spent on resume examples before writing your own resume so that you get to hold off what you need to present and what needs to be omitted.
Indian Resume Format


There are many tips for writing a good resume that can land you an interview opportunity. A good resume is half work done. For more please visit How to Write a Good Resume.

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