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Internship Resume

Internship Resume : Although the resume for an internship is similar to one for a job, its structure is what gives it a new format. For example, the classic structure of an employment resume starts with your name and contact details followed by your objective, education (name, city, profile, courses relevant to the designation you are applying for), work experience (job name, company, city, a description of your responsibilities and accomplishments), other activities and skills.

A resume for an internship has some changes because experience is not what matters the most, but your preparation for a particular area.

How To Write An Internship Resume

Your objective is not to get a job, but an internship, so you must mention that word when you formulate your objective and field of interest. Otherwise, you risk your employer confusing it with a resume for employment. Of course, the resume must be accompanied by a letter of intent to increase your chances by updating your abilities to obtain the internship.

If you do not benefit from working experience in the field, you must rely on education. Provide information about your education, including relevant courses, scholarships, awards, fulfill all information in the field of education that may be related to the field you are applying for.

Also, in this chapter, you must state if you have been involved in any projects, if yes, then the purpose of that project, date, position held, results, perspectives of development, any volunteer activities that show you took the lead, that you are passionate about the field, all these will play in your favor, so mention them in your resume.

Usually, the employer does not look for work experience in an internship resume. This does not mean you don’t have to list the jobs you’ve had up to that point, even if they have no connection with the internship. Work will demonstrate interest, ability to work in a team, or leadership.

Before you write your skills, make a list of those skills that you would have to master if you had a job in that field. Do list the skills you are good at, but also mention that you can improve and update yourself if required.

For example, you need to know more languages, master certain computer programs and have organizational skills? Be prepared to argue your statements by various degrees or certificates, examples of situations in certain jobs or projects you worked, etc.

Try to limit your resume to one page and provide relevant information without the unnecessary “stories”. In this way, the employer will get a quick look and decide whether he can have you as a colleague.

Internship Resume Sample

Personal Details

Birth Date:
Marital Status: Single
Driver’s License: yes


Although my work experience is limited to the position of PR Assistant that I held for one year, I consider it of great value for helping me realize that I need to follow the same path in my career. At present, I wish to be a part of a larger corporation, such as yours, which could give me the opportunity to learn more about this interesting field, PR & Communication.


During my studies, I focused mainly on corporate communication and PR strategies, being involved in several school projects on this topic. Moreover, I participated in Corporate Social Responsibility training and many other online courses and I possess a little work experience in the same area of expertise.

Abilities and skills

  • Fluent in English and French
  • Computer Literate: Office, Email, Internet, Adobe, Access
  • Good communicator, team player

Work Experience

PR Assistant, Novartis Media, 2009-2010 Duties and responsibilities

  • Preparing media kits
  • Writing press releases
  • Attending press conferences


Bachelor’s Degree in Corporate Communication, New Jersey State University


  • I graduated in the top 10 of my class
  • I participated in numerous extra-curricular activities

Areas of interest

  • Internet
  • Philosophy


Diane Johnson, PR Manager, Novartis Media

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