Best Marathi Resume Format (Word)

Marathi Resume Format

While drafting your Marathi Resume Format, you need to take care that the correct information is conveyed to the recruiter. After going through your resume, the recruiter must be able to know, which post you are applying for.

Marathi Resume Format must highlight the skills necessary for the job and professional expertise. Before you draft your resume, collect information about the company where you are applying for a job and the skills that are needed for the particular job.

Marathi Resume Format Sections

  • Personal information
  • Job objective
  • Professional experience
  • Accomplishments
  • Educational details
  • Certifications
  • Skills
  • Awards(optional)
  • Declaration

How To Write Marathi Resume Format

 Marathi Resume Format

Personal Information

Mention your contact details such as name, postal address, home or personal contact number, and professional email-id. Make sure the formatting for your contact details is similar to the rest of the resume. It is important to highlight your professional experience, achievements, and skills rather than highlighting your details.


Your job objective must mention the job profile you are applying for, the skills or professional experience that makes you the right candidate for the job. If you have research about the company, then you can mention the positive aspects of the company that interests you. You can even mention any special achievements related to the post you are applying for. Make sure you limit your job objective to two to three sentences.

Word Experience

Those with work experience need to mention their professional experience details below the job objectives. Provide these details in reverse order; begin with the recent job details followed by the rest. Mention details like job title, company’s name, company’s address, employment dates or duration, and your responsibilities. List the responsibilities so that the recruiter can easily go through them.


Highlight your accomplishments or certifications. In this competitive field, you can mention that you have upgraded your skills by highlighting any certification that you have cleared. Provide the details of your achievements in the previous job. Mention the targets that you exceeded or achieved, the appreciation you received for providing extra inputs, and the guidance you have provided to your colleagues.

Education Details

The educational details must be listed in reverse chronological order. Provide details such as the name of the course or degree, college name, years of passing, honors or awards received grade, subjects (minor/major), and extracurricular activities. Entry-level candidates need to highlight their education details. Hence, they can mention these details below the job objective. Mention grades only if they are high otherwise you can skip them.


Specialized skills related to the field must be highlighted in your resume. For example: If you are applying for a technical writer’s job, then writing skills and technical knowledge must be highlighted. Provide the details of a technical writing course you attended and your understanding of technical terms. Those applying for telecommunication jobs need to emphasize skills related to the telecommunication field. If you are applying for a coordinator’s job, then highlight your communication and interpersonal skills.

Marathi Resume Format must draw attention to your skills and work experience. By highlighting the appropriate features in your resume, you increase your chances of getting the job. The resume must be clear, drafted using professional font, and in readable font size. The resume should be error-free. Therefore, proofread your resume before sending it to the recruiter.


Final Words

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