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MBA Finance Resume

MBA Finance Resume : Financial career includes all fields that deal with money either its investment, transaction, opening a new department, or purchasing raw material. The financial department in your business keeps you update with the present situation of your company and warn you before something bad happens.

As every business or organization deals with money so you will not find a single company that doesn’t have financial staff. This factor opens thousands of possibilities for fresh degree holders and those who just want to change their line of work.

Here are some areas where finance has its role:

Career in banking

  • Managing processes
  • Customer services
  • Human resource
  • Foreign currency management
  • Investment management
  • Trade financing

Career in insurance

  • Insurance manager
  • Legal advisor in brokering
  • Claims management
  • Sales
  • Risk management
  • Financial reporting

A career in investment and financial advisory

  • Operational and service professionals
  • Financial advisors
  • Retirement planning
  • Mortgage planning
  • Investment advisor

Career in leasing

  • Legal counsel
  • Financial analysis
  • Accounting and auditing
  • Credit risk assessment and management

Tips for MBA Finance career:

There is no room for a fun-loving person in this career which only leaves those who love to play and work with numbers because finance is all about money and financial statements. Some persons are very good at observing a financial situation or people with unbelievable intuition powers which is the key ingredient in finance.

To find a job in finance, you at least have to get a high school diploma which is the only thing necessary if you want to start work from the bottom. Then gradually you can get higher education and make your way to the top in the company but if you want to start your career from a high post, that need you to get a professional degree like masters in finance or accounting.

There are a lot of short courses that are offered by financial institutions which can be very helpful to get you a job. Try to learn as many financial skills as possible from these institutions or experienced people around you. Attach all the extra certificates with your resume and that will boost the possibility of getting you an interview.

Career Objective For MBA Finance

To obtain a significant and challenging position as a financial analyst advisor wherein I will learn and excel in finance operation processes. A job that provides me a scope for growth in the finance vertical.” I would like to use my skills to help my organization achieve its objective and bring continuous growth and complement my professional growth.

Before going to an interview, try to research that firm’s financial situation and discuss it with your friends and come up with at least one good strategy that you can discuss during the interview. This will leave a very good and pleasant impact on your recruiter’s mind and he will surely remember you among all other applicants.

Advantages of a financial career:

  • The biggest advantage of having a job in financial career is the money you get. Financial managers are like the backbone of a business which makes them the most important thing in the company and that’s the reason they get very good salary packages.
  • With the help of financial professionals, you know everything about your business and you keep track of every little transaction that has been made in the business. This allows you to know the growth of business more accurately and gives you time to take necessary steps before it’s too late.
  • In case of a bad experience, you analyze and get to know that what went wrong and whose fault was. This keeps you beware in the future and you think twice before implementing a new strategy.
  • You can use the financial skills you learned from this career in your private life like when getting a house mortgage or investing in real estate. This will help you to think close to the facts and eliminate the fact of any lose

Disadvantages of a financial career:

  • This career involves a lot of research and data processing which can be long and boring. It takes time to gather some information and even more time to analyze it and come up with possible conclusions.
  • As discussed above that it involves a lot of research which means this kind of job also needs a huge amount of cash which can be a problem in the case of a small firm or defaulter business.
  • The market situation regarding financial strategies changes continuously which means you can’t stick to a single plan and you have to implement new and improved approaches on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • Only the higher management can decide where to invest the money or which department needs financial help. In this process, they will approve someone and disagree with others which can create an untrusting atmosphere inside the company where it will be very difficult to tell the disapproved employees that their ideas were not that good.
  • A company can’t have cash available all the time which means there is a possibility of conflict between different departments which need financial help on an urgent basis.
  • This is a very risky job because investing all of the company’s money only because of some assumptions is not that simple. By suggesting the investment strategies, the future of that company depends on your way of thinking and this is the thing that makes this job very stressful and depressing.

Here is Free Sample MBA Finance Resume.

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