Download 7 Resume Format For Freshers in India

Resume Format For Freshers

In India, most freshers nourish a misconception that their resume does not have much to offer. And hence, they end up hurriedly jotting down their career objective, education, personal details, etc on Microsoft word without caring much about how resume format for freshers should be. Since they feel they are freshers, they do not pay attention to how the contents are placed on their resumes.

In most cases, they end up creating an ordinary-looking sheet with their information embedded on it in a topsy-turvy manner.

So what if you do not have experience?

There has to be a first time. As a matter of fact, 65% of graduates in India have professional diplomas/degrees. Needless to say, most of them have to undergo summer internships/training while they are sophomores or in their 3rd or 4th year.

So elaborating about what they exactly did during internships or training on resume format for freshers would be a brilliant idea. The recruiter would get an impression that the fresher applicant is more than a jack of the specific trade if not the master. Thus, mentioning it would make their resume more appealing & impactful in a positive manner. You can also check How to Negotiate Salary in Interview in India?

What else should be mentioned on the resume format for freshers?

Just like internships/training, there is a few other relevant information that will add stars to the resume format for freshers of all fields. For example, throwing light on software proficiency will be reckoned a great idea. Imagine, you have applied to any organization which works on specific software. Even though you do not have any experience under your belt, still the recruiter might well shortlist you because you have a hand in the platform on which their employees work. So, they will feel that you do not need to be spoon-fed from the scratch. Just a bit of polishing work is required. So mentioning technical proficiency on resume format for freshers would be another lovely idea. You can also check How to answer tell me something about yourself in interview?

What not to mention on resume format for freshers?

Lion’s share of resume format for freshers would have irrelevant details like prizes won in debates/paintings/extracurricular activities at school or college level. It would not be a bad idea when you are applying to some news channel as the anchor. But if you are eyeing other fields, mentioning it on resume format for freshers may sound raw or kiddish. So avoiding it will be a much better idea.

Resume Format For Freshers

How to create a fascinating resume for freshers?

It gives us immense pleasure in helping out promising freshers with their resumes. Everybody was once a fresher. So, there is nothing odd about it. You may not get placed on campus. You may have to wait for some time before you get the right offer. Still, do not let the excitement fade away. This is how real life is. Welcome on board!!

Your Name on resume

Your name is your identity. At least on the resume at this point in time. So make sure you differentiate it from other texts by using a relatively larger font. (Georgia or sans serif)

Your contact information

Make sure you mention your current address, phone number, and email address. (Try not to use a funky & hence less professional email address like

Career objective information

Having a promising objective for one’s career on a resume definitely sounds good. An example of a fresher’s career objective:

To utilize the (Degree; example: mechanical engineering) knowledge grasped at college and while interning and to contribute to the organization I get to start my career with.

Reasonably close replica for work experience: Internship/Industrial training/Project work

A fresher with internship or project experience has an edge over somebody with no practical exposure. So mentioning this information on your resume would set you apart.

Software competencies information:

Scan the job description and find out if they have a software priority. If you are well versed with that software, mention it. Underlining it for making it eye-catchy would be reckoned a smart idea.

In case you have certificates for those software training, nothing like it. Do not even think about missing jotting them down on your resume

Academic information

If you are not okay with mentioning grades for high school, it is acceptable. But yes, for graduation, you may not skip it. The reason being, there are firms that have marks-based eligibility criteria. So in order to make your time and that of a recruiter’s saved, you may not want to conceal it.

In case you are a postgraduate, mention final year marks as well.

If you dropped a year or two after HSC, you may skip mentioning the date ranges. Remember, the golden rule is, the last obtained degree’s information should be there. Like the name of the course, university, year, and final year grades.

Information about Extra-Curricular Activities

Here, we are laying emphasis on the one you did at the college level. Like if you have organized or managed some tech fests or even headed some student committee. Refrain from mentioning sports or music if your potential first firm is not related to them respectively.

Personal dossier:

Give your details and not your family’s. A big NO to mentioning your parent’s occupation. Impress the recruiter with your details and not somebody else’s. Here, we are talking about details like your date of birth, languages are known, passport, or if you have traveled abroad to your native city.


You may want to first seek permission from a couple of lecturers/professors in your college with whom you got acquainted really well. Give their name and cell phone number. It will certainly cast a positive impression on the mind of recruiters.


A confident, recent and decent photograph will make your resume look more real and connected. Crop any of Facebook’s pictures for which you got tons of likes. Cropping it will help you conceal the ‘maybe informal attire’.

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