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Waitress Resume : This also means that a waitress must also pay attention to the way she dresses, the way she acts or reacts, the way she moves, the way she knows how to present a course. Because a waitress must be a very presentable person, being a waitress is closer to being a model on a fashion presentation than being a clerk or retail salesman.

A waitress must look as clean as if she just bought herself a new tailor-made costume. Therefore, she must act accordingly, by keeping a genuine smile on her face and moving around and through the tables with the grace of a gazelle.

In a conclusion, I might say that being a waitress is not a job just for anyone. Instead, being a waitress is a job for those wanting to be waitresses. Being a waitress is a job for those that like serving people and who can always keep a smile on their face, even if they have troubles in their personal lives.

More than this, being a waitress is like fulfilling a deep, inner calling. Nobody can wait unless with a smile on her face, knowing that waiting is like closing a circle.

Waitress Resume Templates

Down below you will find a waitress resume template. As you know, being a waitress implies communication and analytic skills. However, these are just some general characteristics that an employer will look for in a future employee.

And, even more, these characteristics must result from the entire waitress resume, therefore they should not be just stated, as if one is making an enumeration.

Besides these general characteristics, a waitress’s resume must also include some more particular characteristics or abilities, such as the ability to teach new employee’s the trade, or the ability to make a client feel like he or she is welcomed (by being spiritual, by paying careful attention to his or her needs and so on).

Therefore, while being a waitress might sound like a monotonous and exhausting job, it can also prove to be very fulfilling. Being nice and full of life is a very important thing in this world. Being able to feel what someone needs is also an important characteristic.

These three things are especially important because they can keep us and everyone else from feeling lonely and they can bring us together. Being a waitress is an important state of mind that can be transmitted to everybody else; so, one of the waitress’s duties is to make everybody else in the restaurant feel at home, away from home.

Key elements to add to a waitress resume:

  • The one and only thing that matters is the way you look and the way you talk. No one will need the technical skills you have so there is no benefit to put that information on your resume.
  • If you have worked in some welfare organization or as a volunteer in a hospital, which proves that you will be good with people so you may qualify for the job.
  • If you have some extra skills like speaking more than one language or worked as an accountant, write that on the resume and that will surely get you an interview.
  • If you have a diploma in public relations, describe it too. You will talk most of your duty times so that includes a lot of customer dealing and skilled education of meeting people will help you recruiter to select you for the job.

There are some key points that you should be aware of before sending out a resume and should eliminate the errors such as:

  • Don’t use a resume that contains more than one page. Don’t use the complicated font and different colors instead stick to a single color and font.
  •  There is no need to include personal information because they won’t have time to review that information so it’s better to keep the resume as simple as possible.
  • Don’t add information about the jobs that have nothing to do with waitressing. Just add details about the relevant skills and experience.

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