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Fitness Instructor Resume

Remember that your name should always be on the top of the front page of the Fitness Instructor Resume. Do not use stylistic font to make it more prominent. Write it simple. The position does not matter much. You can place the name at the center or at the extreme left corner of the front page. The contact details should include details such as your name, your residential address, contact number and email-id.

This Fitness Instructor Resume guides you on how to write the best resume to get the best job in the field. This Fitness Instructor Resume covers job description and objective tips which will guarantee you for your dream job as Experienced. This resume will help you to get your job. You can also download Flight Instructor Resume.

If your passion is fitness and you can inspire and motivate people around you then you can aspire for a job as a Fitness Instructor. Being a Fitness Instructor involves a lot of enthusiasm, dedication, and teaching experience. An instructor has to know exactly how to train his participants by selecting the proper learning strategies in diverse situations.

Fitness Instructor Job Responsibilities

The main responsibilities of a Fitness Instructor are to:

  • Educate participants on how to use gymnastics and training to maintain healthily
  • Know relaxing therapy and breathing techniques (for example, providing music therapy)
  • Design educational workshops for diverse fitness events and seminars
  • Develop proper training programs to fulfill all the needs
  • Evaluate and observe all the participants to advise them in future programs

To achieve the best results in this field, you have to get certifications in sports disciplines, prepare well for physical exams, attend fitness specializations, to get well informed from books, articles, courses. Psychology knowledge is considered a big advantage as this is a method to recognize human behavior and to reach performance.

Fitness Instructor Resume

Fitness Instructor Resume Sample

Your Name

Date of Birth:
E-mail address:
Nationality: American
Marital Status:
Driver’s License: Yes

Career Objective

Becoming a famous Fitness Instructor, being able to inspire, bring energy, and the right motivation to the participants.

Professional background:

Team member of Youth Fitness Club
Main responsibilities:

  • Train with the team to perform in several national and international competitions
  • Organize aerobic classes for children ages between 4-7 years old
  • Participate in weekly jogging tours to maintain our health condition

Theatre Club
Personal Fitness Instructor
Main responsibilities:

  • Design therapeutic and athletic indoor and outdoor activities
  • Exercise with the participants breathing and relaxing techniques (for instance, music therapy)
  • Develop seminars about proper nutrition and lifestyle


  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
  • Master of Science in Clinical Health Psychology
  • Bachelor of Arts in Kinetotherapy Chelsea – Specialization in Health Education

Personal competencies:

  • Enthusiasm and passion for fitness and aerobic
  • Patience, good time management, and coordination
  • Striving for excellence and active learning


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