Auto Insurance in the top Cities of Florida

Florida Auto Insurance

Florida Auto Insurance: Florida has one of the highest auto premium insurance rates in the US. We can still try to lower the rates by keeping the driving record clean and installing various safety features in the car.

All the states in the United States have regulations and rules for auto insurance. When comparing the different insurance rates, you should know about the average cost in your state versus the ones in other areas. For instance, Florida auto insurance rates are higher than most states. According to the reports, Florida is number five on the list with the most expensive rates for auto insurance with residents paying up to $200 more on average per year.

Once you register a motor vehicle in Florida, you are required to have auto insurance. The minimum requirements for auto insurance coverage are $10,000 for property damage and another $10,000 for PIP or personal injury protection.

Florida Auto Insurance

The following will highlight the average rates for auto insurance in the top 10 most populated cities:

As mentioned above, Florida has some of the highest auto insurance rates when compared to most states. If you are relocating to this state, you might be tempted to search for the cities with the cheapest auto insurance rates, but this could be more difficult than you imagine.

In recent times, Florida auto insurance premiums have increased slightly, unlike in other states where the rates have gone down. Although this increase might be small, even this change in the premium could impact one budget in today’s economy. On average, the cost for auto insurance with liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage is about $2,100 annually.

Miami Auto Insurance

Miami tops the list with the highest insurance rate of all the cities with drivers paying $2,383 on average each year. This is due to several reasons including the fact that 23 accidents have been reported for every 1,000 residents and almost 4,000 cases of vehicle thefts.

Jacksonville Auto Insurance

Jacksonville is the largest city in Florida with a population of more than 1 million residents. The residents pay around $1,422 for auto insurance each year.

Tampa Auto Insurance

Tampa is also a highly populated city and residents are paying over $2,100 on average for annual auto insurance.

St. Petersburg Auto Insurance

St. Petersburg is another high-traffic city with drivers paying $1,520.00 on average every year for auto insurance.

Orlando Auto Insurance

Orlando population has grown significantly since 2000, so you have to search hard to find affordable insurance in this area as well. On average, drivers are paying $1,055 each year for basic auto insurance.

Hialeah city Auto Insurance

Hialeah city has a higher rate of cost of living, recording 7.6% more than the national average. Drivers are expected to pay $1,055 each year for basic insurance coverage.

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale residents pay $1700 on average for auto insurance each year.


Tallahassee residents pay an estimated amount of $1,315 each year for auto insurance.

Gainesville and Clearwater

Gainesville and Clearwater are two other areas where you might want to live in Florida. You can do your research to find out about the average cost of insurance in these areas.

Just remember that Florida auto insurance cost is higher for many reasons. For the most part, this is because there is more congestion in the larger cities as well as the requirements for uninsured motorists. Even if you are living in one of the cities in Florida with the lowest rates, you will still end up paying more for auto insurance.

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