50+ Most Common BPO Interview Questions

BPO Interview Questions

BPO Interview Questions: BPO is the Fastest growing field that reaches every corner of the world from villages to towns to metros. BPO exists almost everywhere. Provides a wide range of employment to people of every age giving you the chance of being self-dependent. BPO is the Best way to kick start your career opportunities for the First time.

Below You can find Set of interview questions that are normally asked in in BPO firm.

BPO Interview Questions

Q} Tell me something about yourself?

Ans: Straight Forward answer, go on give a snapshot of yourself. It would be better if you do not try describing your family tree. Only provide relevant facts about education, your career, and your current life situation.

Q} Why do you want to join BPO?

Ans: Simple answer to the question, because you want to advance your career opportunities.

Q} Are you comfortable in joining in different shifts?

Ans: Of course yes, do you want to be marked as picky? Then go for yes. You can add that “I prefer working in early hours, but I am fine with any working hours”. You can also describe that you can have a problem working late nights but you can easily adjust to it in a few days.

Q} So how was your day?

Ans: Here you have to say what you did that day before the interview in short. Don’t start writing a story.

Q} Where Do you see yourself three years from now?

Ans: Describe your plan that you have been dreaming of, like “I want to be a manager in BPO” or “I want to be an expert in this particular field”. Now don’t say “After I expertise this job well, will open my BPO”, this will make them feel that they are going to train their future competitor. Or you can say “I want to see myself as a responsible employee in your company where I am taking some important decisions and I want the company to treat me as its Asset”. Else you can quote “I find myself growing with the company”

Q} What if another company offers you a better job?

Ans: If you are a fresher then you can quote “being a fresher having an experience is quite valuable for me rather than switching companies, a particular environment that I get used to working in will help me in gaining more knowledge and experience which I will not get when I switch companies ” or ” I prefer getting Experience on the particular field ”. if you are an experienced candidate you can say “I am looking for the job in this field to advance my career and knowledge that is why I have applied to your company”.

BPO Interview Questions And Answers

Q} What is your salary expectation?

Ans: Well researching on the internet on what will a person of your experience and post will get will be a good option before going for an interview, never say anything beyond the expected.

Q} Are you confident about your Communicative Skills and convincing people?

Ans: First of all remember, when you go for an interview you cannot say anything negative about yourself, you are there to convince the recruiter that you are the right person for the job. Even though you are worst at convincing people you have to say “yes I can convince people easily”. Read some article regarding it, how can you efficiently convince and win peoples hearts, this will also help you to do your work efficiently.

Q} Have you done any course on vocational or communicative training?

Ans: If you have done any course then go for it, say it all, and if you haven’t then you should say something like “I have not done any communicative Training, but I practice on my own to improve it, I try bringing out convincing topics among my circle of friends and families and usually win in the process, Read books on it and significantly improves my communicative skills”

Q} Will you agree if we offer a bond / are you ready to sign a bond?

Ans: Always a positive answer “Yes”.

Q} Will you be having an accommodation problem / where will you be staying?

Ans: Never discuss any problem that you will be facing on any basis. Say you will go fine, you will not have a problem will accommodation.

Q} Tell Us something about your previous work experience/ what did you learn from your last job?

Ans: If you have worked anywhere before then discuss how you learned to tackle deadlines and meet the need of the supervisor, discuss what project you were handling in your previous company and how you learned to share and work in a team.

Q} Why did you leave your last job?

Ans: Positive answer to “to Advance my career”

Q} What do you know About our Company?

Ans: Do your homework before you go for the company’s interview, be sure you know all the details, like its area of operation, its products geographic spread. Search the Internet for the details.

Interview Questions For BPO

Q} What do you know about BPO?

Ans: Many candidates do not know what BPO is, so you need to know that BPO Stand Business Process Outsourcing.



Q} did you ever receive a call from an annoyed customer?

Ans: It’s obvious that you received a call from an annoyed customer, every BPO employee receives a to be feared customer cal at least once a day. So go ahead tell them what you did, whether you shouted back at them fearlessly or disconnected the phone, or just cried like a child after the call.

Q} Have you ever entered into a fight with a frustrated customer / How did you tackle the situation?

Ans: Being a good employee you haven’t come across this situation…. Try saying how you tackled the frustrated customer.

Q} What will you do if a customer does not want to listen to your advice?

Ans: Well tackling a customer is the best way is to go with whatever he says keep on listing until he gets tired and calms down and make him believe that you are trying your best to solve their problem and it will be solved very soon. If you people have any suggestions then you can comment freely.

Q} How do tackle the situation when the Customer wanted to talk with your Supervisor directly?

Ans: Well try to calm the customer down and if they are rigid enough then it’s better to transfer it to the Supervisor. Well, again here it depends on what your supervisor has told you to do in such matters. For example, keep him on wait or put the song on while asking him to wait to soothe him down.

Q} What do you feel confident in doing?

Ans: that’s a personal choice, but remember it’s a work-related question and not personal.

Q} How do you Prefer talking, verbally or by text?

Ans: I think talking verbally is more convincing and time-saving than using the text method, but the text has a much better advantage over verbal communication as it gives you more time to think the convincing word and to frame your words in much better form, but here also it’s a personal choice. In BPO it’s better to go for verbal communication.

Q} How do you work under pressure?

Ans: There should be a positive answer to this question. If you say Working Under pressure is good, I thrive to work under pressure, and then you would be an odd one out. It will not help you to get your step into the company.

Q} Do you volunteer for any additional work?

Ans: Question here means if you are given an extra job apart from you what you are working now, will you be the first chicken to opt for it? Go ahead if you are a workaholic and if you say no then say Sayonara to your job. The frame you answer well like “I will take the job if I have extra energy left to go for” or simply “I may take it”.

Q} Are you goal-oriented?

Ans: of course you are, remember you’re a perfect employee.

Q} What is your approach to solving common problems?

Ans: Depends whether you take team help or try solving on your own. Check your past profile if you can’t find any then make it up, that’s what everyone does right?

Q} What you don’t like doing at all?

Ans: Think hard into this, it’s a work-related question.

Q} What do you like to study most?

Ans: Your favorite book, subject whatever you like reading like a good studious employee.

Q} What do you want to become as a person?

Ans: If you say a perfect son then you’re mean here and if you don’t then you are mean to your parents, but you are trying to be a good employee so you can say “I want to be a good employee” or “I want to be a team leader or want to be best at my work”.

Q} You work better solo or in the team?

Ans: Personal choice and convenience apply here but you cannot work solo in a company, teamwork is necessary. In BPO you are bound to work solo given task to complete your Target. Say it According to your Previous Job. If you are an experienced person then go for teamwork.

Q} Have you ever found a problem with your work performance?

Ans: Yes you have a lot of times and you have tried to cure yourself every time.

Q} Did you stand as desired by your supervisor?

Ans: Yes most of the time except for when I was given deadly unreachable targets.

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