How To Answer Exit Interview Questions

Exit Interview

The main reason why employers conduct an Exit Interview is to know the reason why an employee is leaving a job in that company. Mostly a hiring manager or human resource staff member shall preside over the exit interview so that the exiting employee can be open and candid about the reason behind such a decision.

This hiring manager or human resource staff member could be a neutral party chosen with the intention that they will gather relevant and true information as to why the employee is leaving. All such feedback is then sent to the company to improve working conditions and retain employees.

The matter for the company is that they do not lose some key employees to their competitors or it also may be so that employees have learned strategic things during their tenure and once they are hired at another organization such information and know-how can be easily utilized by the competitor to negate their advancement.

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Through the means of an exit interview, the company would like to know what circumstances have led to the employee deciding to quit the current organization. The exit interview has been devised to gather information about company policies, employee relationship module, or work environment and thereafter in correlation to these features if any dissatisfaction with any aspect of the aforementioned things has created a situation where the employee would no longer like to be associated with them.

Sample Exit Interview Questions

Questions during an exit interview can vary widely, but here below are a few questions that will form the basis of most interviews.

Question. Kindly tell me the reason for leaving?

Response. The most common question you are like to face first up. Be honest and speak pleasantly.

Question. If presented an opportunity would you work in this organization again?

Response. They are attempting to judge if you have second thoughts about leaving the company and they might even ask you if you would like to relocate to another department within the organization. The decision solely rests upon you whether want a change or simply leave.

Question. Would you recommend this employer to friends or family?

Response. Whatever you have to say, speaking the truth is always recommended.

Question. What did you enjoy/dislike about your job?

Response. Look at answering it this way, good and somewhat bad things will always take place no matter which job you take up, why not speak more strongly first about the good time and achievements thereafter you can always in a non-disrespectful manner speak out the truth which will not hurt anyone.

Questions. What improvement should the company undertake for the betterment of the working conditions?

Response. You must make a couple of positive suggestions that you might have previously thought of while facing some awkward or less-than-perfect aspects in the workplace. Any suggestions you make should be reasonable and can be implemented.

There will be some more questions posed to you during the exit interview, almost all shall be directed at gathering data regarding the reason for an employee quitting the company. How and what you answer each of these questions solely depends upon you.

It is best, to be honest, but also never vent out your grievances in such a manner that you might never be able to return to the organization even if you had a change of thought at a later stage.

Final Words

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