How To Dress For An Interview (Interview Tips)

How To Dress For An Interview

Conventional wisdom says: wear a suit to an interview. There is nothing wrong with following this advice, but the question is “Is this is all there is to dressing for success in a job interview?” According to the experts, the more intense your pre-interview research is, the more likely you to get the dress code spot on.

Some important factors that you must consider before entering the interview room are:

Culture of the industry and the company you have applied for

While you must consider the culture of the industry and company, it is also necessary that you consider the existing norms of the division or department where you will be working.

Within a company, different divisions or departments have different dressing norms. For instance, the employees working in the marketing department of a newspaper firm are usually more formally dressed than the employees in the technology department.

City where you will be working

Deciphering the appropriate dress code for a job is a lot tougher than what it seems at the first glance. The dressing culture within a company is not only different in different departments, but it also varies according to the company’s location.

To understand this, let us consider an example of a web development firm: employees who work in its office located in Silicon Valley are more likely to be formally dressed than employees who work in its San Antonio branch.

Your position in the company’s hierarchy

The ideal dress code is also dictated by the position for which you are applying. For example, candidates who apply for senior-level positions should be more buttoned-up than entry-level candidates.

In addition to these three factors, you must make yourself aware of some basic guidelines for dressing appropriately in an interview.

How To Dress For An Interview For women

A dark skirt or pantsuit along with modest heels is an appropriate dress code for interviews. Neutral colors such as gray, navy blue, or black are the safest colors for an interview. If you are appearing for an interview at a ‘conservative’ company such as a consulting firm, you should always wear a skirt suit instead of a pantsuit.

For other companies, both a skirt suit and a pantsuit are appropriate. You don’t need jewelry or makeup for an interview. However, if you absolutely cannot do without them, keep the makeup minimal and ensure that the jewelry is not flashy.

How To Dress For An Interview For men

Men should give preference to neutral, dark color suits and a blue or white shirt. For an interview, it is a must that you don’t wear a flashy tie. Instead, choose a conservative-looking silk tie. Shoes with platforms or lugs may look ‘informal’ and, so, should be avoided.

Many men believe that socks should always be white. This is not true. You can pick up socks in colors that match your suit. Ensure that the socks are not saggy, since this is inappropriate for formal occasions.

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