How to Write a Job-Winning Resume

How to Write a Job-Winning Resume

With the poor economic climate continuing to leave many without a job, it is more important than ever to know how to write a job-winning resume. There are usually many applicants vying for one job and a resume is a potential employer’s first impression. If a resume is poorly written it will reflect poorly on the candidate. Worse yet is if there is no resume at all.

However, this problem can be avoided altogether by simply using a sample resume and following a few rules to help you get to the top of an employer’s interview list.

Formatting a Resume

Look at how the contact information is at the very top of a resume in the sample resume. This is so it is easy for a potential employer to find. It should include a name, address, telephone number, mobile phone number, and email address. Use only basic fonts unless the job is an artistic one where a more elaborate font might be more appreciated.

Another rule of thumb for resumes is that they should always be only one page long. When a potential employer is looking for prospective employees, they want the simplest way to get an overview of their skills possible.

Personal Details and Objectives

Having an objective statement or any personal details that are relevant to the position can also help when creating a job-winning resume. The objective statement on the sample resume lets the potential employer understand the prospective employee’s future goals so that they can assess if there is a fit between the company and the applicant.

It also helps the employer determine the prospective employee’s motivation in applying for the position. Consider this the mission statement portion of the resume.

Work Experience and Responsibilities

The very next thing on a job-winning resume should be any strong points. The most recent work experience should be included. This should not be more than four or five jobs and should be limited to three if they were of long duration. Include any responsibilities that were a part of the job description as shown on the sample resume.

Be sure to include any volunteer work that may pertain to the job and any skills that may be an asset. When employers are skimming resumes, the strengths that will help you do the job should be the first thing they see.

Education and Skills

A job-winning resume may be one of the best examples of a place where it is socially acceptable to “toot your own horn.” Be sure to put down any degrees held, any continuing education classes that have been taken, computer skills that you have, and any additional languages that are spoken.

On the sample resume, there is a clearly defined section that shows all current technologies the applicant is familiar with. Any online courses that have been taken should also be included in this portion of the resume.

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Resume Tips

The number one rule for a job-winning resume is to edit the finished product. Typos and poorly constructed sentences will be noticed by most potential employers. The very last place you want to demonstrate sloppy work and inattention to detail is in an environment where you are trying to prove what a hard worker you will be.

Read through the resume at least twice and consider having someone else proofread it as well. Use proper spacing and consistent font size for a uniform appearance.

While finding a job may still be difficult, having a job-winning resume will help you get past the initial application process. With so many job-seekers in the market, putting the best foot forward is crucial. By following a sample resume and these rules for developing a resume, just might make the difference between being employed and spending fruitless months job searching.

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