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Resume Outline

To be able to outline a resume, you have to understand what is the outline of a winning resume? First, what is perhaps not so obvious is that the purpose of a resume is to get a job. A winning resume is a personal marketing tool, whose main purpose is for you to get the job interview you desire.

Therefore, it is useful for the resume to send the right message to the employer or recruiters. You must present achievements and personal value, as the employee’s assertive, proactive, with clear ideas that send the message immediately.

Messages must be submitted using keywords. In the following sections below, there is a sample resume outline meant to help you create your resume while using some of what directions should be included in each section of your resume.

Easy Tips for Making Resume Outline

The number of sections required will depend on one’s own experience and the objective terms for the available work. The resume outline template should include the following title sections:

Personal Details, Resume objective or Resume Profile, Major Achievements, Education/Qualifications, Work Experience, Language Skills (optional), IT Skills (optional), Hobbies / Interests (optional), References (optional).

These will be the main sections, but there is no need to stand by a general template, but make your template for your job.

Personal Details

First, you should include in your resume your name and contact details, on the first page, right on top. Your resume should include only those sections that can outline the skills and work experience that you have gained through education and work experience, and which might be relevant to a potential employer.

Resume Objective

Resume Objective or Profile should be brief, about 5 or 6 lines of text-totally reflecting the truth, and nothing else but your added personality. The first-person singular form will be avoided in expressions.


The only thing that interests the prospective employer is what you can do for the company. The profile must convince the employer immediately and determine him to continue reading your resume. Your major Achievements will help you sell yourself better to the employer.


A winning resume should highlight relevant achievements to the prospective employer and may refer to the achievements of the college/university, sports clubs, internships, work experience, or others.

It is essential that your statements in the achievements section, be explained by facts, figures, names of companies, to be assessed and quantified by the potential employer.

Nothing will convince more than a clear and concise statement upon the improving percentage with which you have contributed to the success of previous employers. The best way to highlight Education and Qualifications in your resume is after your major achievements, if you recently graduated from high school/university, or work in science.

Work Experience

It is necessary for a previously acquired experience, work experience comes before education. A list of qualifications will be presented in reverse chronological order, keeping the relevant qualifications, but without leaving serious gaps within the educational presentation.

Work Experience will also be listed in reverse chronological order, adding separate sections for more revealing experience, in case that your last job is irrelevant for what you will need to do next. You can insert internships/experiences revealing for the job that you are looking for.


Focus on your core responsibilities, achievements, and skills acquired in each position. Mention any promotions or roles such as team leader/supervisor or manager, and enlist also the financial and budgetary responsibilities.

The most important thing is to mention what you did from every role you had, and what skills you’ve gained from each work experience. Below is a sample outline with few ideas for subheadings. You may also create other subheadings, starting with the ones from below.

Resume Outline Examples

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