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resume tips

Resume Tips : A lot of people think paper resumes are phasing out. Video resumes are becoming popular, and so is promotion through social media websites like LinkedIn and Facebook. However, traditional resumes are far from dead.

You still need a stellar resume that can communicate with the recruiter and convey a positive image about yourself, but how do you know if you have a perfect resume in your hands? How can you ensure that your resume competes with others and comes out tops? The fact is that you can never know for sure because there are no strict rules for writing resumes.

Recruiters are also human, and they have their individual preferences. However, there are some ground rules that most recruiters expect from a resume. This guide will explore these rules and show you how to use them for your resume.

Resume Tips For Content

The first rule is that you should always follow an active writing style. Never use the passive voice for writing your resume. There are some passive-voiced phrases that you may not notice but will catch the attention of a recruiter.

These phrases include common ones like ‘Duties Included’ and ‘Responsible For’. The information in your resume should be arranged functionally or chronologically, or even both. The resume should be simple to read, and bullets can help in this regard.

Split your resume information into small paragraphs and include bullet points whenever you can. Do not forget to add your email address or URL at the top of your resume.

Resume Tips For Presentation

If you want to make a good resume, you must make it as presentable as possible. The choice of font is very important. Avoid flamboyant fonts and stick to simple, clean, and traditional fonts like Arial, Tahoma, Gill Sans, Century Gothic, CG Omega, Soutane, and Krone.

The font size should be either 10 or 12 because this makes the resume easier to read. Maintain adequate spacing between lines as well. You should limit your resume to 2 pages to avoid trouble for the recruiter.

The color of your paper should be limited to sober shades like light gray, ivory, or white. If you are applying for an entry or mid-level position, you can use graphics on your resume. However, executive or senior-level job seekers should stay away from graphics.

Resume Tips For Accuracy

Your resume has to be free of any typographical, grammatical, or spelling errors. It should be well-written and visually pleasing as well. To ensure this, you need to proofread your resume at least three times and also have others proofread it before you finalize it.

Your final resume has to be of the highest quality because it is an example of the work quality that the company expects from you.

Take time for reading and rereading your resume and perfecting it in all aspects. The amount of effort put into a resume can be understood by a recruiter, so you can make a good impression by putting some effort into perfecting your resume.

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