Job Interview Answer: Why Should We Hire You?

Why Should We Hire You?

An interview is not without questions that can put you in a fix. These questions look simple and do not require a lot of thinking. “Why Should We Hire You?” is one question that many fail to answer the right way.

This is one of the common questions that are put across in an interview. “I need a job” or “I am a hardworking person and would like to contribute to the company’s growth” are the most common answers given by a majority of candidates when an interviewer puts forth this question in an interview.

Well, these are not the answers your interviewer would like to hear. You need to understand that your need or interest may not always be in keeping with the company’s requirements.

Why Should We Hire You? Examples

To answer this or such questions the right way, you need to ‘sell’ yourself to the company. Your primary objective should be to convince the interviewer that you are the right candidate for the post.

The right answer to your employment worthiness is “I am the right candidate for the position”. Another answer to this question can be “I possess all the skills and qualities that are required for the position, which makes me a perfect fit for the job.” You can elaborate on this aspect to form the perfect answer.

To convince the interviewer, you need to summarize your skills and achievements to present yourself as a unique candidate for the position. You need to prepare for such questions in advance and create a strategy while dealing with such questions. You can’t talk in any manner while summarizing your accomplishments in an interview.

Why interviewer ask questions like Why Should We Hire You?

The basic motive behind such questions is to analyze or question your worthiness and how the company can benefit by employing you. To blend a perfect answer to such questions, you need to look at the job description and requirements mentioned in the job advertisement.

You can make a list of qualities and personal traits that match the job profile. Your working style, personality, traits, people skills, and energy can become different elements of the summary that you put across to the interviewer.

How to answer Why Should We Hire You?

Take a cue from the conversation you have with the interviewer and present yourself as a solution to all ongoing problems related to the position. Let the interviewer know that you are aware of the different challenges that you would come across when appointed in the position and that you have faced such problems and helped your previous employer overcome technical or administrative difficulties during your past employment.

Candidates who have experience with database systems can mention how they streamlined the systems to save thousands of dollars for the company. Also talk about your quick learning style and high energy, as it shows you will quickly adapt to the situation and work toward providing a solution.

Always try to project yourself as a team player who likes to take a lead in increasing the proficiency of the workplace, encouraging colleagues to give their best, and taking on new challenges. This would help the interviewer look to you as a troubleshooter instead of just another candidate for employment.

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