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J2EE Developer Resume

This article provides information about the job position named J2EE Developer, it details things like job description, job duties and responsibilities, skills and qualities needed to fill such a job position and it also provides a J2EE Developer Resume Sample which can be used as a guideline when creating the real thing.

About J2EE Developer

J2EE Developer is a position available in IT, in Programming and Computer Code (language) writing to be precise. A J2EE Developer will be mainly dealing with the computer programming language named Java but also with a special version called Java J2EE.

It is also called Java Scripting since this particular language, opposed to other computer programming languages, deals mainly with script creating. Scripts in the IT world are machine (computer) codes that make an automated task.

So in Java J2EE, it’s mainly about scripting/automating stuff, it can be used in developing, website creation and functionality, and many other IT services. A J2EE Developer will be responsible to develop new things in the Java J2EE language, which the company needs like stated above, scripts, automation, and so on.

The developer will oversee code creation, code structuring, fixing code bugs (errors), etc. To work on this position the candidate must possess a degree in Computer Science or Computer Programming. Java J2EE Developers are responsible for ensuring that quality work is provided on schedule and work in software frameworks or servlets, for example, or web services.

When you write your J2EE Developer Resume for this job, be sure to mention all the abilities and skills you possess and find relevant for this job. For example, if you possess an above-normal ability in spotting problems, immediately while concerning Java J2EE or even the ability to see potential upgrades and to anticipate potential needs, this would qualify as a nice bonus to your skill-set and hiring probability.

Your J2EE Developer Resume should also contain previous work experience, duties, and responsibilities you had, so you may prove to the potential new employer that you are right for this job.

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J2EE Developer Resume

J2EE Developer Resume Sample


Phone Number:
E-mail Address:
Marital Status:
Driver’s License: Yes, B category

Job Objective

Looking for the post of a J2EE Developer because it is in the field of IT which is a passion for me and I plan to build my career out of this in a reputable company

Qualities and Skills

  • Amazing ability to code in multiple programming languages
  • Vast knowledge in working with any type of database
  • Vast knowledge in Flash, PHP, FTP, CSS, XML and HTML
  • Excellent Java (J2EE) programming skills
  • Patience
  • Great communication skills both oral and written
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Punctuality
  • Excellent organizational skills and devoted to the job

Work Experience

J2EE Developer at ARCH Corporation, NY,

Java Developer at Fujitsu Company, NY,

J2EE Developer at AMEX Tech, NY,

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Accomplished a lot of work Java J2EE
  • Kept existing scripts in working condition, fixed bugs
  • Created, maintained, and oversaw Java J2EE code creation for web applications for both client and server-side
  • Provided excellent Customer Service regarding J2EE issues
  • Worked both individually and with a team on various projects requiring the use of J2EE
  • Ensured proper solutions found and implemented to various problems related to J2EE functionality
  • Successfully monitored effectiveness of solutions implemented to J2EE issues
  • Kept track and informed company executives of the various stages in which various projects are/were in


Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science Engineering at Harvard University


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