Linux Administrator Resume Format (PDF)

Linux Administrator Resume

This article provides information about the job position named Linux administrator, it details things like job description, job duties and responsibilities, skills and qualities needed to fill such a job position and it also provides a Linux administrator Resume Sample which can be used as a guideline when creating the real thing.

The Linux administrator is the individual in a company responsible for all aspects of Linux programming and development. Linux is a very popular operating system, it’s a derivation from Unix which is also an operating system.

About Linux Administrator

A Linux Administrator should have extensive knowledge in Unix programming and developing, thus being able to provide Linux programming as well. Another thing a Linux Developer must possess is knowledge regarding Linux operating features, Linux security and threats, hardware and software issues, compatibility issues, and most importantly the ability to fix almost any issue or bug regarding Linux functionality.

Common bugs and problems found in Linux are network issues, apache and sockets issues, various protocols problems. As a Linux Developer, the individual occupying such a job will have several duties, one of them is to install and maintain software on Linux systems, configure various software/protocols and so on.

The ability to provide successful technology-based support for customers, and most importantly to perform various Linux System programming in C++ computer programming language using Linux GCC.

When it comes to skills, the Linux Developer needs to have at least some of the following: the ability to solve problems quickly and efficiently, analytical ability, must be able to multitask at any given time be it under pressure or not.

Being tech-savvy and understanding various programming languages besides C++ is also a bonus, as well as the ability to configure apache servers, daemons and create, operate and maintain various types of databases.

When creating your Linux administrator resume be sure to include information that directly concerns this job position, and an unprofessional resume will get you nowhere while a straight-to-the-point full of job-specific stuff resume will most probably give you some good hiring chances by an employer.

Providing previous work experience, skills, and qualities that highlight your effectiveness as a Linux administrator will benefit you in the end.

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Linux Administrator Resume

Linux Developer Resume Sample

Personal Details


E-mail address:
Phone Number:
Birth date:
Marital Status: Single
Driver’s License: Yes, B Category


Looking for a Linux administrator job position within a professional company that deals exclusively with Linux operating systems, because then I can put to work the professional experience I gained in Linux developing and operating/functionality.


Skilled Linux Developer with 7 years experience in Linux operations, eager to be part of a team environment within a respectable company that provides positive and professional Linux support and Development

Qualities and Skills

  • Good communication skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Ability to solve problems quickly and efficiently
  • Ability to multitask
  • Proficient in the use of various operating systems, databases, and tools/software
  • Extensive knowledge in everything Linux related

Work Experience

Linux Developer at Linux Corporation, Oregon

Duties and responsibilities

  • The ensured smooth operation of all Linux machines that I’ve been responsible for
  • Fixed various issues that appeared from time to time on Linux machines, like bugs, security threats, apache crashes, network problems
  • Provided excellent Customer Service to company clients in all things Linux related
  • Conducted various Linux related work both individually and as part of a team of Linux Developers
  • Created and implemented various solutions to problems and monitored effectiveness over some time
  • Kept detailed reports of every Linux system under my responsibility, regarding issues, problems, solution implementations, fixes, and so on


B.S. Degree in Computer Science, Oregon University, Oregon


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