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Brass History And Facts : Brass Handicrafts




Brass: As Akbar started the harmonious relationship with the Rajput princes by marrying the sister of Maharaja Man Singh of Jaipur, both the rulers actually initiated the journey of benefiting their kingdoms to opulence. There was a traditional saying that said, “Jeet Akbar ki, loot Man Singh ki” (The triumph corresponds to Akbar, the bounty to Man Singh). As they, accumulated wealth and established a friendship with other potential provinces, within the north and beyond, many others were enticed to join the imperial league of the Mughals and the Rajputs.

Similarly, likely and skilled artisans were attracted to such prospective cities for brass handicrafts. An extensive usage of metalwork consisting of bronze, iron, copper, and brass was practiced in India. Brasswares was further decorated with the help of engraving, punching, inlaying, and enameling.

One of the strongest reasons behind such valor and victories of Rajput warriors in such legendary battles with the enemy was the appliance of their deadly weaponry. Swords, daggers, katanas, etc., were among the arms and ammunition used by Rajputs made by ironsmiths with such care and detail that the precision was remarkable with lethal effect on conflict.

Apart from weapons, various other ornamental brass handicrafts were also prevalent since olden times. This includes articles for domestic purposes as well. Alwar’s famous inlaid brass swords, shields, and daggers can be still be seen in Jaipur.

With the cultural and traditional influence of the Mughals on Rajasthan, it ranged from architecture, textiles, and intricate miniature paintings to novel musical styles. Even the tradition of purdah (the conduct of covering the head and face with a veil) was also inherited from the same culture of Mughal Muslim women. Likewise, Jaipuri engravers of brassware handicrafts inherited a lot from the expert foreign artisans. A good example can be the famous Jaipuri brass lamps made in Jaipur.

Brass Handicrafts In India

Equivalent work for brass handicrafts is done at Delhi, Jaipur, and Moradabad too. Since the olden days, brass has been used both for decoration as well as household purposes. Techniques like embossing or repousse are done to make the metal achieve heights of popularity. Another one known as the engraving is done on brass handicraft articles by cutting or scratching lines on the surface. Exclusively, Jaipuri engravers do the lacquered brassware also. Stuff such as brass hanging lamps, brass boxes, brass bowls, plates, and brass picture frames look quite sophisticated with a traditional look.

Jaipur’s brass engraving in the form of more work shows the detailed lacquered designs in three forms. Its classy and fine effect covers the complete surface of the brassware. Chicken work with beautiful flower motifs on a complete lacquered and chased background of brass and bichi work to call for an intricate design of flowers and leaves could leave anybody with compliments on his pout.

The art of brass handicrafts has also spread consistently to other distant areas of the country such a Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh. In Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, the kammalas are well-liked for brass metal encrusting work. Similarly, Moradabad shares the limelight for the metal encrusting or Khuda done in Takashi mode.

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Impeccably styled antique brass handicrafts and quality with durability create a niche for such wonderful handicrafts. Ranging from traditional to modern designs, articles such as brass candle stand, brass platers (brass pots for plants), brass flower vases, and brass god statues, other brass items such as a wide range of exotic brass wine coolers, fruit bowls are to ensure enduring beauty and charm.

The famed bid work is also found in Jaipur. Originated from Karnataka’s Bidar, brass and silver are inlaid on an alloy of copper and zinc. This article is blackened by dipping the alloy into a chemical solution of copper sulfate. Grab on to exquisite brass hukkas with lovely meenakari work (a dazzling yet kaleidoscopic Mughal artwork introduced by Maharaja Man Singh in Jaipur, Rajasthan).

Along with a number of manufacturers and exporters offering such beautiful pieces of great artwork, you can find brass handicraft items at antique handicraft shops and emporiums in Jaipur.

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