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Traditional Marble Handicraft History



Marble Handicraft History

Marble Handicraft : Bathed in the legends of romance and chivalry, Rajasthan is a desert-landscaped state with colorful festivals. It is famous worldwide and best-loved by all travelers. Describing the variety of the scenery, the sparkling lakes and blaming gardens, the awe-inspiring palaces built by the Rajput warriors, and the sublime temples and shrines are unparallel.

Equal credit goes to the local traditional marble handicraft work of Rajputana (abode of kings). The erstwhile 22 princely states were present since olden times until they were consolidated in 1956. Together, it formed the present state of modern Rajasthan.

Marble Handicrafts of Rajasthan

The marble handicrafts of Rajasthan were considered equal to their wealth and grandeur of the rich as well as the regality. For centuries, the local artisans produced marble figurinesstatues, and figures, and many other examples of artful conceptions.

With the patronizing of sculptors and marble carving artisans, more marble mines were found and production was increased.

The arid and semi-arid zones of Rajasthan are rich in all kinds of stones. Multi-colored rocks and stones ranging from colors like yellow, pink, black, etc., along with marble are mined till today for the production of such skillful marble handicraft materials.

Excellent quality stones are transformed into marble animal figuresbathroom ware, furniture like tabletops, and small-looking marble temples.

History of Marble In Rajasthan

During the reign of Akbar, the great Mughal emperor married the sister of Maharaja Man Singh of Jaipur. This matrimonial alliance opened the doors of both the cultures and kingdoms for a spectacular exchange ever. The royal Rajput households got access to the Mughals’ distinguishing ethnicity and vice versa.

Artisans from here and there traveled and mingled extensively. Even both the rulers benefited tremendously with such a strong alliance.

As prevalent in the Hindu culture, in the marriage of the Hindu Rajput princess with Akbar, a surplus amount of dowry was known. Among a multitude of servants and other royal items, numerous marble handicraft items were sent to the Mughal royal family as gifts.

Especially the marble carved fountainsmarble gold-painted statues and figures, marble mementos, various artistically painted marble pots and bowlsmarble pedestals, etc.

Even today, these forms of marble finesse can still be seen as a glimpse of the splendid patronization of marble handicrafts.

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As mentioned above, Rajasthan, formerly known as Rajputana, is a venue of legendary but fierce battles fought by Rajput warriors and the foreign invasion.

Even when the Mughal Empire was prosperous and became the richest empire in the world, various other Rajput provinces faced the brunt of invasion from invaders like Sher Shah Suri.

The prominent princes of Mewar also fought bravely to oust the attackers. However, when they were not fighting for wealth, power, and women, they were busy building and encouraging hundreds of forts, gardens, palaces, and handicraft making.

Not even the Mughal emperors but the Rajput rulers also promoted marble carving as a very important work of art. To name a few places such as Dholpur, close to Bharatpur stretching till Barmer with the dunes, marble statues are best seen as specimens of accurate precision. Some of the artisans are so skilled that they carve marble as if working on wood.

Marble Handicrafts Jaipur

Nowadays, many marble handicraft manufacturers and exporters are based in Jaipur. They satisfactorily provide the same forms of marble handicraft specimens mentioned above, stacked as budgeted ones to extravagant examples of marble art.

Magnificent pieces of marble handicraft are available at ‘Khajane Walon ka Rasta’ the well-known Jaipur market. You can find astonishing sculptures of deities, beautiful paintings on marble, and many more such attractive marble handicraft items.

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