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Attorney Resumes : An attorney, who is also called a lawyer, is the one who represents his or her client in civil or criminal trials. An attorney may be a general practitioner or have specialization in a specific area like criminal, real estate, or divorce law.

An attorney represents his client in court and tries to prove him or her innocent by arguing or presenting evidence. Some businessmen hire attorneys to work for them on a permanent basis. These attorneys act as legal advisors and suggest one of more ways to handle a legal situation.

Depending on the field of specialization, we can divide attorneys into the following categories:

  • Trial attorney
  • Private attorney
  • Corporate attorney
  • Intellectual property attorney
  • Government attorneys
  • Patent attorneys
  • Insurance attorneys
  • Environmental attorneys

A general attorney can represent his client in any of the above cases but the one with the specialization of one or two areas can’t do that.

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Tips for an attorney career

generally, an attorney does the following tasks on a regular working day:

  • Represent a client in court
  • Present evidence in front of judge or jury to prove his client innocent
  • Interpreting rules, laws, and regulations for clients
  • Preparing different legal documents like contracts, wills, or divorce papers
  • Negotiating deals of civil disputes

Because of the low demand and high supply of attorneys, you have to make yourself different from others. There are a lot of attorneys available who may be willing to work longer hours and even with fewer pay scales and that’s not good for an average attorney. You have to show the world that you have some special abilities that make you more perfect for the job.

Although you are an attorney you to remember how to talk to normal people because you can agree on a judge with your argument but in the case of a jury, you have to treat them like a normal human being. Most jury members don’t have any law education and you just can’t convince them with your argument. Try to use simple words and examples from daily life.

Always try to keep the situation under your control. You don’t know what will be presented by the opposite lawyer which can totally change the situation even when everything seems under control. There are chances that you can lose a petition even if you have done every right thing. On the other hand, you can win a case even without hard work. It’s just a matter of circumstances. You have to stay focus and remember that winning and losing are part of daily life.

Advantages of an attorney career

The key and most important advantage of being an attorney are knowing that you can actually make a difference in someone’s life. There is nothing more beautiful to see than a person’s face when he knows that you have saved his life.

In this career, you earn well too. An average attorney usually makes more money than a professional accountant or manager. Earning well means you have total job satisfaction and that leads to a peaceful personal life.

As you go on in this career, you gain more and more experience and more firms want to hire you which mean you have a number of choices. This is the career that you can start and continue in almost every country in the world. Although rules are different in each country the procedure is the same.

You meet with more intellectual people as compared to any other career. You talk to them, learn from their experiences and that helps a lot in this career. Meeting more people means higher chances of getting clients which is very important here.

Disadvantages of an attorney career

Literally, someone’s life depends on your abilities and that’s what makes this job most difficult. Because of your single mistake, someone can lose his life or his lifetime earnings. Losing a case can make you depressed and frustrated.

On the other hand, you have to work 40 to 50 hours per week which is very stressful. Sometimes you won’t be able to enjoy your weekends or vacations just because of a court petition. This makes it more difficult to balance work and personal life.

There is no way you can handle all the work by yourself. That means you have to hire an assistant which can be expensive and even more expensive if you have just started your career. And also this is a fact that law schools cost much more as compared to business schools. Being an attorney would be more difficult for you if you belong to a poor family or simply don’t have much money to pay the expenses of a law school. 

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