Best Project Manager Resume PDF

Project Manager Resume PDF

Project Manager Resume PDF : As a Project Manager, your goal is to plan, execute and finalize a project that you are responsible for. There are certain parameters that you have to take into consideration.

Any disregard to these parameters may lead to the failure of the project: time and budget. Depending on the area of the project, whether it is technical, engineering, and artistic or human resources orientated, the Project Manager must have specific experience on the field.

In general, any Project Manager will have several responsibilities. He will manage the project scope, schedule and meets client expectations. He will closely watch the project as it develops and he will prepare all the documentation. He will formulate the communication plans and schedule, making sure they are fulfilled.

He will have to put together a team and work closely together with all the members, the business partners or the accounting responsible. He will have to create a constructive atmosphere, organize team meetings where everybody will be informed about the progress and the specific needs of the project.

He will have to deal with the challenges that come up in real time. He will have to be a real inspiration and a leader for all the other team members.

His communication skills must be outstanding. The Project Manager will negotiate all the contracts, the costs, the deadlines and the specifics of each task. He will have to be a visionary, and not allow the specific tasks, or the details distract him from the real goal of the project.

He must unify all the departments and all the efforts into one objective. He must have a clear vision of the objective in order to make it come true.

The Project Manager must have certain skills. First of all, his verbal and written communication skills must be impeccable. He must have some experience regarding time and budget limits. He must have the ability to adapt, since the dynamic of a project is always changing, he must deal with new situations every day, so handling them can be quite stressful and challenging.

Since there are so many tasks that must be fulfilled, it is up to the Project Manager to prioritize them, and this often turns out harder than it seems.

Needless to say that most projects have to do with modernism and developing new technologies, so it is crucial that the manager has an open mind and the capacity to understand the improvement and benefits that the project would bring to the community.

The Project Manager must identify the community needs and understand them, in order to be able to transform an idea, a project, into a final result. The project Manager must have strong knowledge of new technologies, like Google Apps, Windows operating system and Microsoft Office. Other tools of Project Management would be a plus. Check this section on various types of Project Manager Resume samples.

Project Manager Resume PDF

Personal Details:

Birth Date:
Desired employment:
Project Management


A challenging, interesting and rewarding position as Project Manager.

Work experience:

Project Manager, United Sports Association
Main activities and responsibilities:

  • Developing and planning the whole project plan
  • Define the project time and budget limits.
  • Creating specific strategies in order to fulfill the scope of the project.
  • Organizing a team of people who would collaborate perfectly in the benefit of the project
  • Managing the operational, financial and technological aspects of the project
  • Keeping a close relation with all the partners, including the investors, clients and contractors
  • Putting up reports for the investors

Project Manager, Hidago Company
Main activities and responsibilities:
Transforming an idea into a well-researched project.

  • Developing the project’s phases
  • Planning and dividing the project into small tasks
  • Establishing financial and time limits.
  • Supervising the achieving of every little objective in order to obtain the final result.
  • Creating and maintaining the team-spirit and encouraging people to overcome their limits, in order to stay within the time-limits.
  • Assessing the risks and making critical decisions.
  • Resolving conflicts with contractors and staying within deadlines.
  • Reporting the progress to the investors


  • Public Relations Studies, University of California
  • PMI • Certified Project Manager

Personal skills and competences:

  • Excellent understanding and speaking of French and Spanish
  • Social skills and competencies:
  • Tolerant and sociable Open-minded
  • Good diplomat, communicator and negotiator
  • Very good decision making
  • Working excellent under stress and pressure
  • Very ambitious and dynamic

Other abilities:

Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office and Power-Point.

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