Best Copywriter Advertising Resume Example

Copywriter Advertising Resume

Copywriter Advertising Resume shows you are required in the media to present the product description of the client in an attention-grabbing way. Writing catchphrases, messages, printed advertisements, leaflets as well as the scripts for the radio and television programs, monitoring the effectiveness of the script developed are the major responsibilities of an ad copywriter.

We hope this Copywriter Advertising Resume will give you an idea about how to write your resume. Updating the new software skills will be an asset for copywriting advertiser career.

Remember that your name should always be on the top of the front page of the Copywriter Advertising Resume Example. Do not use stylistic font to make it more prominent. Write it simple. The position does not matter much. You can place the name at the center or at the extreme left corner of the front page. The contact details should include details such as your name, your residential address, contact number and email-id.

This Copywriter Advertising Resume Example guides you on how to write the best resume to get the best job in the field. This Copywriter Advertising Resume Example covers job description and objective tips which will guarantee you for your dream job. This resume will help you to get your job. Find a Advertising Coordinator Resume here for your reference.

Copywriter Advertising Resume

Copywriter Advertising Resume

Your Name

E-mail address:


To obtain the position of copywriting advertiser in an advertising firm where my knowledge and experience can be utilized to improve the expansion of the firm.


Have four years of experience in planning and developing the script for the firm’s product and have experience in marketing the product. Expertise in creating the entire project as per the client’s expectation, generating slogans according to the brand name. Able to work under team and solo. Able to work under pressure by prioritizing the work


  • Bachelor of Arts -Journalism, and advertising
  • Masters in arts –advertising


QoS international media: (2 years)
Assistant copywriter


  • Analyzing the client’s ultimate goal and expectation
  • Coordinating with the varied talented team members to ensure the best outcome on the media
  • Effective presentation of the client’s product through slogans
  • Implementing the project based on the deadline provided by the client
  • Planning the products script according to the budget allotted

ABS solutions: (2 years)

Web copywriting internship
Online ad sales marketing


  • Analyzing the new arrivals in the market and trying to create a unique image
  • Monitoring the datasheet of the organization and modifying it if needed
  • Managing the budget
  • Understanding the client’s concept clearly and thereafter framing a new slogan
  • Presenting the ideas to the clients to get the approval

Software skills

Adobe Photoshop CS4, Ms-office (word, excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), PageMaker, Coral draw, Web designing, Studio

Key skills

  • Highly Creative and imaginative with Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Can easily find out the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats possessed in the newly formulated plan
  • Raising self-esteem
  • Identifying the overall marketing strategy to achieve the revenue
  • Team building, Time management, Motivation, and Presentation skill


Available on request


Final Words

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