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Delivery Room Nurse Resume

In a delivery room nurse resume, a delivery room nurse is also referred to as Perinatal Nurse. The delivery room nurse performs the first vaginal inspection for the mother, works with adults and newborns in high-risk pregnancies, stays with the mother during and after delivery, taking the Apgar score of the newborn and recording birth weights.

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Delivery Room Nurse Resume

Delivery Room Nurse Resume Sample

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Career Objective:

Seeking a position as a delivery room nurse in an established hospital where my skills and experience in inpatient care can be fully utilized.


Five years of experience as Delivery Room Nurse
Broad knowledge of Obstetrics, delivery, intrapartum, postpartum, and nursing care
Licensure as Registered Nurse-Obstetrics


Delivery Room Nurse 2015-17


  • To set off, read, and find out fetal heart tones, regularity, and amount of contractions
  • To set IV lines and watch the bloodstream of both the mother and the baby
  • To evaluate the history of the patient and build up a plan of care
  • To instruct new mothers in breastfeeding techniques
  • To assist surgeons through the cesarean procedure
  • To educate new mothers about childcare

City Health Care Center

Delivery Nurse 2013-15


  • Providing and educating post-partum care to mother for instance checking lochia, breastfeeding, episiotomy, and fundus
  • Performing post-delivery care such as DeLee suction and bulb suction, applying ID bands
  • Operating OB equipment for example OHIO heaters, phototherapy light, and isolettes
  • Assisting the physician to mix IV Pitocin drips, and adjusting the pump accordingly
  • Assisting the anesthetist in administering the spinal or epidural anesthetic


  • Excellent ability to make quick decisions in worst situations such as mother or infant deaths
  • Excellent ability to assist surgeon’s during childbirth complications or a cesarean part
  • Knowledge of sterile technique and infection control
  • Excellent ability to communicate with mother about infant care
  • Excellent physical stamina to work for lengthy hours
  • Knowledge of reading and assessing fetal monitors

Educational Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • High school


  • Sincere, hardworking and honest
  • Ability to grasp new skills quickly
  • Positive Attitude
  • Team work skills
  • Can execute a task within given time



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I hereby declare that the information provided above is true as per knowledge.



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