Best Labor and Delivery Nurse Resume Sample (Doc)

Labor and Delivery Nurse Resume

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Labor and Delivery Nurse Job Description

The Labor and Delivery Nurse will work in the newborn department of the health facility he or she is employed at. The Labor and Delivery Nurse will be responsible for every medical aspect regarding newborn infants.

A Labor and Delivery Nurse must have some medical knowledge and some skills and qualities like patience, ability to interact pleasantly with patients and guests, good communication skills, being punctual, and being a polite person. If the nurse is working with a doctor she will be responsible for assisting him whenever necessary and asked.

Furthermore, she must sterilize all instruments that were used previously. The Nurse must monitor each newborn very often to ensure the newborn is in optimal health and no problems appear. This type of nurse may administrate medicines for sick infants, give shots and general consultations, and will be responsible for assessing the state of the infant.

Another responsibility of the nurse is to teach parents rules of hygiene, health and give them advice about providing a healthy environment for the newborn infant.

Strong medical knowledge and work experience comprise a must-have for this position. Be sure to include previous workplaces, duties and responsibilities, personal opinion about the job, and what makes you qualified for it. Remember, all these things will make a successful resume and will most certainly increase your chances of getting hired by the employer. You can also download Dental Nurse CV.

Labor and Delivery Nurse Resume

Personal Details:

E-mail address: 


The Labor and Delivery Nurse will be responsible for every medical aspect regarding newborn infants.


I am seeking the position of Labor and Delivery Nurse because I accumulated a lot of professional experience and my opinion is that I would be a great asset to a respectable clinic.


I am enthusiastic, professional, hard-working, I possess excellent communication skills and medical knowledge and I am willing to work as a Labor and Delivery Nurse at your clinic.

Qualities and Skills:

  • Familiar with labor and delivery nursing practices in a professional manner
  • Vast knowledge in medical equipment, instruments, practices, guidelines as well as rules and regulations
  • Technology and time management skills
  • Excellent ability to provide a treatment or even modify it if is needed
  • Strong skills in communication as well as a remarkable ability to provide respect, patience, and devotion to patients, guests, and everyone else
  • Amazing problem-solving ability
  • Good communication skills both oral and written
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Job devoted and patient individual
  • Vast professional experience in Labor and Delivery related work
  • Outgoing and open-minded
  • Ability to work long hours under stressful conditions
  • Great working both individually and part of a team

Work experience:

  • Labor and Delivery Nurse at Saint Mercy Hospital
  • Labor and Delivery Nurse at Franklin Hospital

Duties and responsibilities

  • Assisted doctor in the labor and delivery room during childbirth
  • Conducted equipment checkups, incubators for example
  • Make sure newborn infants are healthy and responding to living conditions well
  • Provided answers to mothers on various issues and concerns regarding infants
  • Provided information to families regarding child care


  • B.S. Degree in Nursing at New York College, New York, NY
  • M.S. Degree in Medical Science, Specialization Medication at New York College, New York, NY
  • Registered Labor and Delivery Nurse, the National Association of Registered Nurses



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