Best Board Resignation Letter Example [Doc]

Board Resignation Letter

Everyone has different reasons for leaving their job, so it can be difficult to write a Board Resignation Letter that reflects your situation. A resignation letter should be addressed to one’s immediate boss, and it should mention at the first instance that you intend to quit the job.

It should be amply clear on the first go that the letter is written to provide information of one’s quitting one’s present assignment. It should also delineate the reason for resigning such as accepting another assignment or the like.

Secondly, if there is a stipulation of the notice period in the present assignment, that issue must be adequately dealt with meaning thereby that the Board Resignation Letter must have a mention of it. A definite last working date on the expiry of the notice period should also be there in the letter so that the management has sufficient time to arrange for one’s replacement.

Thirdly, one resigning must also thank the present company for the opportunity it provided him to gain experience in different fields of one’s working. You can also download teacher resignation letter to principal.

Board Resignation Letter

Board Resignation Letter

Montgomery Nathan

55 Hill Street

10th August 20XX

The Chairman

Stylish Movers Pvt. Ltd.

91 Fronds Road
San Francisco, California

Dear Chairman of the Board,

I am writing this letter with regret to inform you about my decision to step down from the Board of this Company, Stylish Movers Pvt. Ltd., as a Board Member with an instant effect. I would like to say, kindly remove my name from any Board documentation from this time forth.

I wish to clarify that the reason for my sudden decision to step down from the Board is that I feel my role and authority with the company and board is too limited. There is no solid agenda for the corporation therefore instead of prolonging my tenure on the Board and holding back the Company’s greater productivity I decided to resign from the Board as soon as possible.

I believe that the company’s current dedicated team of Board Committee is enough to bring the Company forward in leaps and bounds in its future undertakings.

Respectfully yours,

Montgomery Nathan


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