Best Teacher Resignation Letter to Principal (Download)

Teacher Resignation Letter to Principal

A Teacher Resignation Letter to Principal is an official document to the management to confirm that you are leaving the company/institute/job. Writing a resignation is very important in your career development process as it is not appreciated if you leave your job without any notification.

So if you are also thinking to change your job for any reason, make sure to write a quality resignation letter to your employer well before leaving your job. As job change is an obvious matter in an employee’s employment life so everyone on the job should have an idea about the importance of a resignation letter and ways to write a Teacher Resignation Letter to Principal.

A resignation letter may be written in different styles depending on your work field and reason for leaving the job. So let us tell you something about writing a resignation letter. You need to keep all principles of professional writing in mind that are seven in all. These principles are also known as the 7 C’s of business writing that is conciseness, clarity, completeness, concreteness, courteousness, consideration, and correctness.

Resigning from your job is not that easy especially if you’ve developed harmonious relationships with your co-workers. But there are times we need to resign because of another opportunity that comes our way particularly if the opportunity offers a much greater challenge for the betterment of your life.

Well, having unfavorable incidents in the workplace that trigger us to resign is another thing. In this case, resigning will be the best option to avoid further humiliations or damages.
Below is a sample resignation letter that bridges good and healthy relationships especially with your boss or friends in the workplace.

Teacher Resignation Letter to Principal

Date: _____________

To: ______________

Dear Sir/Madam:

I have been working in this institution for (state the number days/months/year) now and truly, I learned and developed professionally especially in my line of interests.

Due the unceasing search for growth development, another opportunity knocks at my door that offers greater challenges for the betterment of life.

In view of this, I would like to tender my resignation effective (state the date here). This is for me to have enough time to fix my necessary travel documents.

I am hoping for your favorable consideration on the matter. I look forward to work with you again in the future as I become globally competitive.

Thank you very much and more power.

Very truly yours,


Final Words

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