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resume for MBA student

You have invested so many years in doing MBA and now are looking forward to getting into the industry that is most suitable for you to use your study base and also suit your interests. This is the time, where you need to frame your resume for MBA student and make sure that your resume is not thrown in the trash bin but passes through the screening procedure and reaches the interview file.

For this, you need to write an error-free and valuable resume. By valuable I man, when the recruiter reads the resume, he/she should feel the value of you being a resource of his/her company. Given below is a sample MBA Student Resume that summarizes various sections to portray the personal and professional competencies of a candidate and proves the candidate as one of the best choices available.

If you are pursuing MBA or have just started pursuing it, and are looking for some challenging and interesting internship or temporary positions in the field that you would like to build your career in, then it is the right time for you to buck up and write an resume for MBA student that suffices the potential recruiter’s requirements from an MBA fresher or MBA student.

We hope that the below-given resume for MBA student would have been able to give you a clear and fair idea of organizing the required details in the relevant sections that increase the readability of the resume to make it more appealing and spot-able. You can also download College Student Resume.

MBA Student Resume

Resume For MBA Student

Your Name

Mobile no:                                                                                   

Career Objective

A high grasping and curiosity level to learn relevant professional details through seeking a starting position in the valued industry of the field of finance and accountancy, to grow as a professional with the organizational development.


  • Strong and competitive knowledge of international marketing, business writing, market research, and finance
  • Enthusiastic to take up new challenges and meet the desired results
  • Excellent time management skills to meet deadlines with efficient results
  • Dependability, trustworthy and a good team player
  • Enormous leadership abilities and initiative-taking
  • Fluency in French and Russian
  • Outstanding oral and verbal-linguistic skills
  • Strong technical knowledge of software and to a certain extent of the hardware

Professional Experience

  • Prepared corporate manufacturing and marketing budget for the organization
  • Contributed the expertise as a team member of a cross-functional team for product development and its marketing management.
  • Conduct the market analysis and decide the budget for the marketing campaigns of certain brands of the company
  • Review the results of the actual cost-benefit and the cost-benefit analysis
  • Coordinate between the subordinates and the middle-level management
  • Research market trends and assist in developing a new marketing plan for the financial year
  • Miscellaneous tasks


  • Summer Intern April 20XX to July 20XX, Finance Intern
  • Smith And Clime, Phoenix, AZ
  • Summer Placement May 20XX to September 20XX, Finance Assistant
  • River Drive Ltd., Glendale, AZ January 20XX to September 20XX, Customer Support Assistant

Educational Qualifications

  • The University of XYZ, School of Business Management
  • Master of Business Administration, Result Awaited, May 20XX
  • Major Finance and Accountancy
  • Brisbane College of Arts Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts, Major in Economics, Minor in Psychology

Computer Proficiencies

  • MS Office – Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • HTML
  • Internet

Personal Details:

Father’s Name:
Mother’s Name:
Date of Birth:
Marital Status:
Languages are known:
Permanent Address: 



Final Words

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