Best Sample CV For Internship PDF

Sample CV For Internship PDF

Sample CV for internship PDF is mostly prepared by continuing students. The first step in getting an internship position is by sending your internship CV which may determine whether the recruitment process succeeds or not. Remember that your CV will be analyzed by recruiters who want to be impressed.

Sample CV for internship PDF are very demanding to prepare but ought to be simple. It should state your current state and your intentions clearly. Details on your education should be spelled out.

Grammar and spelling must be correct. Check for grammatical or spelling errors, and then proofread it a final time. A recruiter will easily dismiss your CV sample without noticing the slightest error. For the employer, he may conclude simply that you are careless. Find a Undergraduate Student CV here for your reference.

Sample CV For Internship PDF

Sample CV For Internship PDF

Your Name

Date of Birth:
Phone No:

Career Objective

Computer science student seeking to be employed in a computing role as part of Software Engineering Internship to gain practical experience in the IT industry. Was successful in database and programming subjects in the first two years of the computing course and feel that the skills gained could contribute to the growth of the company. Has a specific interest in Web programming and would like to strengthen my skills in this area.

Personal Attributes

I feel that I am hardworking, technically astute, and work well both independently and within a team. I possess good communication skills both verbal and written and always strive to meet deadlines.

Tertiary Education

University: XYZ University
Course: Computer Science Program
Year: 1st Year


  • Programming Principles 1A (Java)
  • Introduction to Information Technology
  • Computer Systems 1 (Assembly)
  • Mathematics 251A
  • Introduction to Psychology 1A
  • Programming Principles 1B (Java)
  • Computer Systems 2 (Assembly)
  • Introduction to Database Systems (SQL)
  • Mathematics for Computer Science

2nd Year subjects

  • Programming Principles 2A (C)
  • Software Engineering 1 (whole year)
  • Computing Theory
  • Data Communications
  • Programming Principles 2B (C & Java)
  • Operating Systems
  • Object-Oriented Programming (C++)

Computer Skills

  • Extensive knowledge of Computer hardware support and networking basics
  • Proficient with programming in Java, C++, and C sharp
  • Proficient in Ms. Office applications (Ms. Excel, Ms. Access, PowerPoint, Ms. Outlook)
  • Knowledge of Red hat Linux
  • Knowledge of MySQL database programming language, Macromedia flash, fireworks, and design programs (Illustrator, Photoshop)

Professional Experience

Mallville Technologies

  • C++ development for Microsoft Windows NT
  • Software testing/troubleshooting
  • PC maintenance
  • Repair and maintenance of printers (Epson and Hp printers)

Professional Affiliations

  • Harvard Computer Society (ACS) junior member
  • Social Club Member of the Hawthorn Football Club


  • Academic Excellence Award (Com Tech Industry)
  • Certificate of Credit, Mathematics Competition
  • Certificate of Credit, Science Competition


Final Words

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