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Math Teacher Resume

Math Teacher Resume : You will have got to get yourself equipped with all the information’s on yourself before proceeding to pen down about your caliber, expertise, knowledge as well as the experience you must have attained in the field of education as a teacher serving in any College or Educational Institute. You’ve got to convince the employer that you are the deserving candidate for the position as a teacher, by throwing the light on your education as well as current or previous teaching jobs.

As the resume happens to be just like a snapshot of your entire Skill, Education, Knowledge, and the Expertise which you happen to be equipped with, what you are expected not to miss even in the least in your resume, are the key-words about teaching which you must use predominantly.

On plain ivory paper, you should write down with bold fonts your name, address, contact number, and Email address. Just after writing all this information on a paper, you have to move into another subheading, that is Objective, to reveal your desire to hold one of the posts available, shouldering the responsibility of performing your best skill.

Under this section, you are needed to synchronize your expertise to substantiate your candidature for the teaching job.

Here is a sample Math Teacher Resume for your review. Through this resume sample, you can easily create a resume if you are applying for the post of teacher in any college or school. In this sample, we have used fictitious names and addresses to give you an idea of how you can create a Math Teacher Resume for yourself. We hope this Math Teacher Resume works well for you.

Math Teacher Resume

Personal Details

Birth Date:
Marital Status:
Driver’s License: Yes


To obtain high performances based on my students’ results, and help them develop skills that will later help them build a successful career.
To achieve the top goals of my career by the age of 24


Hard working person, with a real sense of business, and great pedagogical skills, very good communicator, ready to dedicate 110% to provide better education for our country’s future.

Abilities and Skills

  • Very good pedagogical skills
  • Great communicator
  • Excellent people skills
  • Ambitious , talented, innovative



Professional Experince

XYZ School, 2/2003 – Present.

  • Teacher.
  • Handle the children of different nature, stature and mood and control them by applying self created constructive methods.
  • Teach the children maths, science and other subjects by creating in them a curiosity to learn and exercise the theoretical education opening a new gate of implementation by themselves.
  • Instead of following a traditional rusted method of teaching apply the innovative, amusive and games based methods to teach.
  • Stress upon the hygiene, etiquette and discipline.
  • Take all the children out of school to keep them afresh and feel bored developing a composure in them towards education.
  • Interact with their parents to discuss the issues revolving around the growth of children.
  • Make them design and describe its significance themselves.
  • Send regular reports to their parents on their progress and call for parents opinion on their children.


University of Oklahoma, Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics,
St Pete’s High school, 1990-1995, Majored in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence

Areas of interest

Computer Science
Artificial Intelligence
Analytic Geometry


Jamie Hudson
St Pete’s Principal, Oklahoma

Andrew Stevens

Dean of the University of Oklahoma

Marie Curie

My supervisor while being an intern at The Institute of Modern Science and Analytic Geometry.

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