Best Sewing Teacher Resume Sample [Word]

Sewing Teacher Resume

This sewing teacher resume guides you to accommodate all your capabilities and achievements into a well-formatted resume. This sample resume for a sewing teacher illustrates the right method for drafting a resume.

The below-mentioned resume sample for sewing teachers is a useful guide for the candidates who wish to apply for the post of a sewing teacher. It provides you with an idea to draft a resume that would present you as a suitable candidate for the post. Find a Tutor Resume Sample here for your reference.

Sewing Teacher Resume

Sewing Teacher Resume Sample

Your Name

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Career Objective 

Seeking the position of a sewing teacher to utilize my teaching capabilities for the overall development of the students of the school


  • Ability to prepare lesson plans for the students and ability to train students of different age groups
  • Good knowledge of designing costumes, stitching them, and teaching them to the students
  • Ability to formulate lesson plans and curriculum based on the modern educational trends
  • Ability to supervise and train the students and excellent communication skills
  • Develop new teaching methodology and provide career counseling for the students
  • Ability to organize shows for the students to exhibit their talents and practice it

Technical skills

  • Excellent knowledge of computers and ability to use machines for cutting and stitching clothes

Educational qualifications

  • Master of Arts in Education from ABC University
  • Bachelor of Arts majoring in Art Education from ABC University


Certificate course in Teacher Education Program from ABC University, in 20XX

Professional Experience

ABC High School
Sewing Teacher

Key responsibilities undertaken include

  • Training the students in designing and stitching clothes
  • Preparing lesson plans and arranging all the required material for teaching the students
  • Developing curriculum for the students and organizing shows for them
  • Attending various teacher’s training programs and collecting information about the recent educational requirements
  • Demonstrating the procedures to be followed and training them to do them correctly
  • Organizing field visits for the students

Areas of interest

  • Training students and interacting with them
  • Formulating lesson plans and curriculum for the students
  • Organizing shows and programs for the students


Traveling and reading fiction


Available on request.


Final Words

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