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AC Technician Resume

This article provides information about the job position named AC Technician, it details things like job description, job duties and responsibilities, skills and qualities needed to fill such a job position and it also provides a AC Technician Resume Sample which can be used as a guideline when creating the real thing.

The AC Technicians, also known as air-conditioning mechanics and installers, are specialized in either installation, maintenance, or repair, in a word, they are trained to perform all three functions. The AC Technician has to be physically fit to perform different tasks like lifting heavy things when the situation requires to.

Also, the AC Technician has to be ready to perform his daily activities in different environments (indoor or outdoor), or varying temperatures (hot or cold).

The AC Technician must demonstrate courtesy and tact in dealing with, sometimes, aggravated customers, thus communication skills required, he has to respond immediately to all customers’ requests and deal with the troubleshooting of the device professionally.

Writing your resume may turn out to be a difficult task if you don`t take into consideration the basic rules suggested by the HR Department. First of all, list all skills and abilities you possess as they can make a difference between you and other applicants.

Also, focus your attention on your previous work experience, and provide a complete description of the duties performed to prove to your future employer that you are the right person for this job.

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AC Technician Resume

AC Technician Resume Sample


Birth date:
Marital Status:
Driver’s License:


The Ac Technician is the one who will repair your AC System on a hot day, or install a new one in your office or home.


Looking to obtain an AC Technician position and utilize my experience and skills to contribute to the company`s growth.


Hard-working and result-oriented, I am eager to be part of the team’s success and contribute to its development.

Qualities and Skills:

  • Skills in the technical field
  • Positive Attitude
  • Communication skills are written and spoken
  • Able to Work Under Pressure and meet deadlines
  • Computer skills

Work Experience

AC Technician Galaxy, Florida

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Assisted the technician in the assembling of the air conditioners
  • Trained the new entries in the troubleshooting of the area of the device, and also for effective working
  • Assisted the technicians in the replacement of HVAC systems in the machines
  • Tested the systems to ensure the standard of the performance
  • Scheduled and attended meetings to discuss new technology
  • Supervised the installation of the air-conditioners in companies
  • Provided administrative support to field staff.
  • Performed a large variety of office duties that supported field activities.
  • Ensured technical support for different projects
  • Diagnosed the temperature programs and made essential changes
  • Customized the cooling and ventilating systems
  • Evaluated wiring diagrams, identified and repaired the faults


Certified course in AC Technology, Florida


Provided quick and effective service in troubleshooting of air-conditioners

Areas of interest

AC Service


Available upon request

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