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AV Technician Resume

In the content of this article, you will find some useful information that you will need if you are thinking of becoming an AV Technician. The first part of the text comprises a short description of this particular job, qualities, and skills that everyone who wants to work in this position should have them and the second part of the article contains a sample AV Technician Resume. Keep in mind that you should use this information just as a guideline. Tailor your resume according to your achievements, qualities, skills, education, and work experience.

About AV Technician

An AV Technician is a very important employee of any media company. His job is to install audio-video equipment. These include telecom, data delivery, and the installation of VGA audio-video, cabling theories, ability to terminate video cables like RCA and BNC connections. The equipment can include microphones, cameras, speakers, lighting equipment, projectors, and teleprompters.

The AV Technician can also work and set up radio stations, television studios live broadcasts, and satellite uplinks. They are essential for the production of films, shows, news, reports, and everything related to them.

Other responsibilities of this type of technician may include things like programming a universal remote control; terminating audio cables and CAT5, fixing HD displays, and setting up surround audio systems or receivers.

Another common requirement is the ability to be able to install remote access, CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) cameras, setting up a LAN or WLAN / WIFI, and even home automation. The AV Technician can also work and set up radio stations, television studios live broadcasts, satellite uplinks.

To occupy this particular position it is necessary to have some experience in this field and a degree is required. This is a very demanding and exhausting job but is also very well paying. A good AV Technician should be resistant to stress, able to focus for a long time on specific tasks, task-oriented, and able to be fully functional inside a team as well as individually.

When tailoring a AV Technician Resume for this job position, things like skills, qualities, previous work experience as well as duties and responsibilities you performed constitute a must for a successful AV Technician Resume. Including the appropriate information and credentials in your AV Technician Resume will greatly improve your chances of getting hired.

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AV Technician Resume

AV Technician Resume Sample


E-mail Address:
Marital Status:
Driver’s License:


I am looking for an AV Technician position inside your company so that I can work in a rewarding environment while doing what I know and like best.


I am an organized, responsible, and hard-working individual, packed with a lot of potentials that I seek to use and apply for the benefit of both myself and the company that I work for.

Qualities and Skills

  • Advanced skills in setting up telecom, VGA Audio Video, remote universal control.
  • Great social skills.
  • Hard-working;
  • Energetic and dedicated;
  • Patient, practical, and punctual;
  • Good communication skills both oral and written;
  • Oriented towards details;
  • Able to work long hours;
  • Resistant to stress, able to focus for a long time on specific tasks;
  • Ability to work in a team but also individually;
  • Amazing interpersonal skills;
  • Vast knowledge in computers and operating systems.

Work Experience

AV Technician at Secure Tech, San Francisco, July 2006 • October 2009;

AV Technician at World News Channel, San Francisco, November 2009 • April 2011.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Fixed displays, installed surround systems, speakers, receivers, and transmitters;
  • Made a successful remote control setup demonstration;
  • Logged a fair number of field hours installing Audio Video equipment;
  • Programming a universal remote control;
  • Established, maintained, and handled a good relationship with company customers;
  • Carried out regular maintenance on company computers and provided the necessary technical support on many different levels.


Bachelor’s Degree in Audio • Visual Technology at Princeton University.

Areas of interest

  • IT;
  • Audio • Visual;
  • Customer service;
  • Technology.


on request

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