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Heavy Equipment Operator Resume

Heavy Equipment Operator Resume: A Heavy Equipment Operator is in charge of operating trucks, bulldozers, front-end loaders, compactors, graders, as well as other pieces of equipment. In addition, the worker has to perform daily maintenance and safety checks, along with cleaning all of the heavy equipment and doing routine maintenance.

With these heavy machines, they have to dig holes and trenches, lift heavy objects and move various objects. Some also have to transport and deliver materials, while others perform street maintenance.

We highly recommend that once you have finished writing your resume, a double check should be done in order to be certain that all the necessary and relevant information has been included. In this case, the staff in charge of hiring new employees is looking for those candidates that have solid abilities to operate heavy equipment and are skilled in controlling the angle and height of various machines that are used to spread materials and earth.

Heavy Equipment Operator Resume

Personal Details:

Birth date:
Nationality: English
Driver’s License: No


A Heavy Equipment Operator has to operate a scraper, bulldozer or other type of large equipment, along with performing maintenance on these machines and making sure that all work in a safe and secure manner.


Looking for a job as a Heavy Equipment Operator where I could use my vast expertise in this domain, to help the company in their projects and further expand my professional experience.


I consider myself as being a hard-working and ambitious person, fully capable of operating heavy equipment in a secure manner.

Qualities and skills:

  • Experienced in operating heavy equipment, like graders, cranes and bulldozers
  • Proficient in performing preventive and general maintenance on equipment
  • Capable of transporting and delivering various materials in different environments
  • Willing to work long hours, on my own or as part of a team
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Work experience:

Heavy Equipment Operator at Piccadilly Earth Movers, London, United Kingdom, 2005-2011
Duties and responsibilities

  • Operating gasoline and diesel equipment, like: graders, sweepers, bulldozers, loaders, etc.
  • Patching roadways, cleaning slippery roads, flushing & cleaning manholes and catch basins
  • Installing and maintaining signs and fencing
  • Transporting and delivering various materials
  • Performing maintenance checks on all of the used heavy equipment


High School Diploma, Clapham High School, London, United Kingdom


Successfully helped ensuring access to houses, water supplies and waste sites
Efficiently used specific equipment for leveling the roads and ensuring proper drainage
Gained significant expertise in using a wide array of heavy equipment for various purposes

Areas of interest:

Road maintenance


Victor S. Alexander
Vice President
Piccadilly Earth Movers, London, United Kingdom

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