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Lifeguard Resume

You need a good resume, irrespective of the field and job you are applying for. When you apply for the job of a lifeguard, you need to have a Lifeguard Resume Sample, which shows your knowledge and skills related to the job. This is one of the most adventurous jobs and includes high risk and responsibility. They have to risk their lives to save the lives of other people.

They work at different places such as the ocean, sea, resorts, hotels, etc. A person applying for such jobs should be physically fit, daring and brave. So, when you write a resume for this post, you need to have a good Lifeguard Resume, which would help you get the job. You should also mention your experience in your resume because that would be an added advantage in your job search.

The sample of a Lifeguard has been given below, which you can refer to prepare an impressive resume for your next job. You can refer to the samples which will help you when you write a resume. You can also download College Student Resume.

Lifeguard Resume Sample


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Career Objective

Seeking the post of a Lifeguard in a reputed firm, where I could apply my skills and talents towards the growth of the company.

Key Skills

  • Highly energetic and enthusiastic
  • Good communication skills in verbal and written English
  • Following the instructions carefully
  • Outstanding knowledge of swimming strokes and techniques
  • Able to take an immediate step, and react quickly
  • Able to teach the basic techniques of swimming
  • Possess outstanding knowledge of water techniques and methods
  • Possess lifesaving techniques

Educational Qualifications

  • Completed Lifeguard Training from the University of California
  • Completed Bachelors Degree in Science from the University of California
  • High School from Saint Michael School, California

Work Summary

California Water Park, California

Designation: Lifeguard
Duration: September 20XX to November 20XX


  • Responsible to keep eye on the swimming area, and the people around
  • Teaching swimming to members of the association
  • Warning them about the dangers of water
  • Teaching them different ways of water rescue
  • Responsible for maintaining the proper record about the members who visit and leave
  • Responsible to respond quickly at times of emergency
  • Maintaining proper rules and regulations in the swimming premises

California Country Club, California

Designation: Senior Pool Lifeguard
Duration: November 20XX to till Date


  • Safeguarding people from drowning in the swimming pool
  • Warn people about the dangers of water, and teach them methods of water rescue
  • Keeping an eye on the swimming area, and the people who enter that area
  • Teaching the members of the association to swim
  • Maintain records about the members visiting and leaving the pool
  • Responsible to save people in the case of any danger
  • Maintain proper rules and regulations

Languages are known: English and French

Achievements: Awarded with California Bravery Award in the year 2019, for saving a child from drowning in the sea.



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