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Foot Massager

With the Life Long Foot Massager, you can slip into your favorite pair of pajamas and allow your feet, calves, and ankles to get a massage all at the same time. This leg and foot massager is made for those who not only want the soothing benefits of a massage, but also the therapeutic effects of reflexology. This massager has nodes that stimulate reflexology points of the feet that correspond to organs and other important parts of the body.

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This product promises to give you spa-quality, revitalizing massages with its combination of both vibratory and kneading actions. Think of it as the smart one in a classroom full of massagers.

Choose from three auto programs or create your customized setting. Unlike other leg and foot massagers, The Life Long Foot Massager offers its users the choice of what to get for the day. Choose the powerful kneading vibrations if you want deep pressure as a remedy for soreness and tired muscles.

For a more soothing massage experience, this massager offers a feature just for gentle vibrations, which can relieve your muscles of fatigue and stress.

Foot Massager Features

  • 3 Auto programs and 3 Personal Preference Programs
  • LED Display for easy operating
  • Adjustable Angle Capabilities
  • 3 Levels of Intensity Settings
  • 15-minute Automatic Shut-off Timer
  • Customizable Settings
  • Can Be Used as a Footrest

Foot Massager Customer Feedback

Some users of this foot massager were initially sceptical about getting this product, but found that their doubts were soon gone after a few minutes of trying it out. The majority of the users felt great simply because their calves, feet, and ankles received equal treatment. One buyer said that because of his old age, he had lower leg pain whenever he took long walks or exercised too much. This vibrating foot massager helped relieve muscle tension that kept him up at night.

This Foot Massager is Customer Recommended

One user who often gets swollen legs swears by Life Long Foot Massager to relieve swelling and the discomfort it often causes. Many appreciate the relaxation provided with the entire lower leg massage, as it is mentioned by reviewers to resemble that of a real spa massage.

Many who reviewed the product truly felt that the adjustable tilt made the calf and leg massager better suited to meet comfort needs while being massaged. The triple intensity settings were also a major plus among reviewers, stating that it was easy to adjust the machine to give them just the massage they longed for.

Also, for those who enjoyed the relaxation so much it put them to sleep, the 15-minute auto timer is a fantastic feature. To top it all off, many appreciate the dual function the massager machine provides as a foot rest.

Overall, the Life Long Foot Massager is a one of the best massagers intended to knead your feet, ankles and calves at the same time, providing the user with a spa-like treatment anytime.

The Lifelong foot and leg massager is designed to promote blood circulation and relieve muscle tension or pain. Equipped with 3-speed settings, the massager also allows you to choose between the heat or vibration option based on your preferences. It can be used to massage the foot, leg, or calf to relax swollen, tired, and sore feet.

You can also choose from 4 massaging modes – kneading, vibrating, rolling, or heating-based programs. The massager also has an auto shut-off feature that switches off the machine automatically. It comes with 2 removable covers that protect the massager and keeps it clean.

While sitting, the massager can also be reclined to enjoy a relaxing experience. To ensure energy is being consumed efficiently, the massager runs on a powerful cooper motor with pure copper wires to ensure a prolonged motor life.

The body of the massager is made using premium quality skin-friendly and heat-resistant ABS plastic with TPR material to ensure durability and strength.

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