Colocation Hosting – Give Your Servers Secured Shelter

Colocation Hosting

Colocation Hosting: Today’s businesses have to rely on the internet. You can set up a product website and start selling your products around the clock, with no closing time, no need to man the counters, and much lower overheads. All you need is a website hosted with a reputed hosting service provider.

As your business expands, you may need a dedicated server to offer first-class service to your customers online. Now setting up and running your own data center might be costly as you need to hire professionals to look after the entire hardware and telecommunication department.

This is where Colocation hosting comes into its own. You can place your servers in a data center equipped with cutting-edge tools and technologies along with all the facilities required to run a data center smoothly.

Colocation Data Center

Once you colocate, you can access the technologies, tools, manpower, and other resources of the data center. You do not need to worry about the seamless power supply to the servers, uninterrupted internet connection, backup, redundancy, and all similar stuff. Experts at the data center will assist you to troubleshoot technical issues.

Once you colocate, you will enjoy the high-end features and facilities of the data center you choose. Some of the benefits are may include:

Uninterrupted Power Supply Colocation Hosting

You need an uninterrupted power supply to keep your servers online 24x7x365, even during natural disasters. Generators and multiple UPS are extremely important to ensure a smooth and seamless power supply to the servers. It is very difficult for a business owner to arrange such a setup in-house, so colocation data centers that already have these facilities save large investments and allows you to let them take care of your servers.

Lightning Guard

Lightning protection systems are essential as electrical and electronics products are very much susceptible to interference. Lighting can damage servers and interrupt online services. Lightning protection system senses unwanted spikes and destroys them before it damages the systems.

Smoke Detection and Fire Protection

Powerful smoke detection is a must. Since data centers deal with high voltage power supply, electrical wires, conductors, and electrical goods, fire protection is very much needed. To protect the data center from fire, early smoke detection and fire suppression systems should be in place.

Water Detection

Leakage can lead to bigger problems – rusting, system damage, and short circuits can take place at any time. There should be a sensor that detects water leaks and raises an alarm.

Air Conditioner                                                             

Air Conditioning System is needed to maintain a system-friendly environment inside the data center.

Colocation Hosting Security

Finally, colocation data centers need to be highly secured. The entire site should be monitored by Closed Circuit Television all the time to ensure safety and security.

Web hosting service providers offer cost-effective colocation hosting plans. You can choose the one that suits your requirements and enjoy the benefits.

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