How Managed Hosting Is Different From Ordinary Hosting

Managed Hosting

Web hosting plans commonly rotate around three terms – shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and managed hosting. Now, dedicated hosting can be differentiated from shared hosting. But what is managed hosting? Is it the same as dedicated hosting or does it offer something extra?

Many web hosting service providers claim that they offer a managed service, but in reality, the service is in no way different from the general dedicated hosting service. Unfortunately, there is no clear definition of managed hosting. Let’s figure out the ideal managed hosting model and give you some helpful points to think about when looking at selecting a hosting plan.

What is Managed Hosting?

According to some experts and internet researchers the term ‘managed’ denotes a web hosting service with better management. Since dedicated hosting services allow users to control the servers as they wish, dedicated servers are often referred to as a managed servers. But the truth is, managed hosting is a value-added hosting service that offers more than ordinary hosting packages.

In managed hosting, the service provider holds an important role. Better management, flexibility, support, and availability of state-of-the-art technologies are what make managed hosting unique.

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Better management:

Management is the key to success. All reputable companies, including web hosting service providers, need proper management strategies to run their operations successfully. The result is reflected in the quality of service or products they deliver. Companies supervised by an able management team finally build up a satisfied customer base who will be happy to recommend the service to others

Therefore, while choosing your web host, go with a reputable company. Do not compromise with the quality; a trusted company returns more than what you pay them for!


Webmasters need flexibility. A software and hardware upgrade facility is an integrated part of dedicated server web hosting and managed services. Premier managed service providers often offer free hardware upgrade facilities on dedicated servers. It is easy to stay up-to-date with a managed service. To top it all off, hardware upgrades and replacements are usually done without hampering the service!

Support and Communication:

Managed service providers come up with state-of-the-art backup and recovery techniques to help customers survive during software or hardware failures. Clients get uninterrupted service which is very important in internet hosting.

24x7x365 customer support is very important. Companies running a business online cannot afford downtime of even a minute if it can be avoided and, unfortunately, problems can occur at any time meaning that good support is essential. A managed service provider should assure their clients of round-the-clock support and allow various modes of communication – email, live chat, phone – to be available should you need to contact them.

There are managed hosting companies that call their clients regularly to get their feedback about the service, as this can help the host to better serve their clients.

While going with a managed hosting service, make sure your provider offers all the features of managed services. Deal with a reliable host and stay one step ahead of your competitors!

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