Professional Web Hosting Offers a Seamless Web Experience

Professional Web Hosting

Professional Web Hosting: Online businesses always try to provide a seamless online service to their customers. If all the pages of your site load very slowly, then you may never get a potential client to the stage when they would buy your product or fill in the signup form.

Online businesses can lose a lot of prospects due to higher loading time; people may exit your website because it takes too much time to download and you want to reduce how often this happens.

What would happen if your server were to crash and it takes days to repair the damage? Are you prepared for all eventualities?

Don’t panic. There are solutions: look for Professional Web Hosting that assure higher speed and better data recovery.

Higher Speed: Multi-core processor with larger RAM size

Look for Professional Web Hosting service providers that use multi-core processors. Multi-core processing combines two or more cores in a single chip. Dual-core (2 independent cores composed on an integrated chip) and quad-core (4 independent cores composed on an integrated chip) CPUs are available in the market. Multi-core processors enjoy a higher clock rate, also known as processor speed. As a result, the website hosted on this server would load at a faster rate.

Xeon Quad Core 2.4 GHz is a processor developed specifically to be used on servers. Apart from 4 cores, this processor supports multi-threading enabling multiple persons to work on the same process with a lesser waiting time.

Such faster processors coupled with larger RAM sizes can improve the overall performance of the website many times over.

Some Data Recovery Techniques

Multiple hard disks with RAID technology offer a flawless web experience. Professional hosting services often install multiple hard disks on the servers; if one of them crashes, the other one helps you to maintain your online business without any interruptions.

Geo-Redundant hosting is another option. Here a copy of your website is saved in at least two web servers that are miles apart. The mirror website is generally kept inactive, but if the mother copy is damaged somehow, the second version comes into play in its place.

This way you can protect your website from accidents like natural disasters or virus attacks in the data center.

If you are using managed hosting service, install data recovery software, antivirus, and a firewall to prevent unwanted tampering of your data and to ensure faster damage recovery.   

In a nutshell, deal with a Professional Web Hosting company that guides you on what you need to stay protected.

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