five common places where you might find a job advertised – check them regularly to ensure you get there before the competition!

Online Advertisements Many employers are turning to online job advertisements either through dedicated job boards or through free advertising sites

It’s important that you spend a couple of hours each day going through all the main sites to find new jobs posted.

Newspaper Advertisements While the majority of employers have turned to more technical methods, there are still some companies that use the national and local newspapers to advertise vacancies.

Jobs will be updated regularly in the daily newspapers, so be sure to check each job section often. The localised newspapers are usually available weekly, and will normally focus on job vacancies in your area.

Word of Mouth Whether you are currently in work and looking for a change, or you are currently unemployed, don’t be shy to ask your friends in various sectors that suit your qualifications.

Word of mouth is powerful, print out your CV and ask friends to drop it in to their manager or personnel officer.

Forums There are lots of forums online that discuss work and employment related topics so keeping an eye on them.

The internet is a fantastic platform for current employment opportunities, don’t be put off at the prospect of spending most of your days on the computer; it will pay off!

Social Networking Social networks can be used for more than just staying in contact with friends and family.

LinkedIn is by far the most geared to this, with companies often directly advertising new roles on their profile page.

Applications Process Checking for regular updates of job postings can be exhausting and at times disheartening.

But don’t give up hope, remain motivated and stay on top of it by checking intermittently throughout the day for any new postings.