Coin Master is a mobile game that has been downloaded 50 million times, with over 2 million reviews and comments. 

Ask your acquaintances and chances are they have heard of it or are currently playing Coin Master.

Coin Master hack will be your MVP when it comes to progressing in the game and reaching the top. 

It can generate an unlimited number of coins and spins, important resources that you will use for just about any in-game action.

Coin Master, the creation of Moon Active, is an extremely popular mobile multiplayer game on iOS and Android.

It has a relatively small download size and is a great addition to your smartphone app library. Coin Master doesn't take itself too seriously: the graphics are cartoony, colorful and bright, and the gameplay is simple enough that anyone can learn to play in minutes.

In Coin Master, you take on the role of the village chief and are responsible for leading your Viking tribe. It plays like a building sim, where you assign workers to build a barracks, farm, house and more.

Coin Master has that in spades. Half of your game time will be spent planning raids, raiding nearby villages, and moving up the global and Facebook leaderboards. The objective of the attack is to gain priceless loot and items that will help you achieve your goals.

Spins and Coins are resources you use to generate actions and level up. Once you run out, you will have to wait for a certain amount of time depending on your level.

Sometimes you don't want to stop playing Coin Master, but the 'paywalls' are designed to keep you coming back and checking in every few days or so.

This means that you will end up being stuck in a waiting loop, where you will exhaust all your resources, eg coins and spins, and have to wait for it to recharge again.

The developers have created a way for you to bypass the paywall, and it's like spending real money. For a few dollars you can get X amount of coins or spins to play Coin Master longer. But once they run out, you're stuck waiting again.