Your Australian cv template has just one real purpose – to help an employer decide if you will benefit their organization. Be prepared to spend time working and then reworking your Australian cv template.

Firstly, your full address together with a mobile telephone number and a business-appropriate email address.

Second Overview- Here you can include a brief description of your key selling points and the type of role or environment you are now seeking.

Third -  Key Achievements An overview of your key achievements in bullet point format will draw attention to your successes

Fourth - Key facts are king – the year of completion, qualification title, and the organization concerned. If you achieved a merit/honor you should also include the qualification grade.

Fifth - Career History Start with your current or most recent employer and work in reverse chronological order.

Personal Interests When considering personal interests try to concentrate on active rather than passive pastimes e.g. blogging or designing websites, rather than surfing the Internet

Also include any voluntary activities or awards and recognition you have received, as this will reflect well on you as a person.

Finally After you have written your Australian cv, read it again to check for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes and to see how it flows.