The question How to negotiate salary in an interview can be the worst hurdle before you decide to join a new organization.

We all have certain expectations for getting a comprehensive hike in salary in the next firm we decide to work for.

Steps on how to negotiate salary in interview

Step 1 – Once offered a specific salary, your negotiation starts then and there.

Step 2 – Refrain from using negative sentences as you have already been offered the same or a little more salary somewhere else. That will be reckoned as being a little rude.

Step 3 – Instead, use a positive and friendly statement like I would have loved to accept what you are offering but there are some commitments which I have to take care of.

– What brought me here was an expectation of about a 30-35 % hike. And then smile helplessly.

Step 4 – In case they agree to offer a 20-25 % hike, do not reject it instantly. It's not a bad hike either. You may seek some time to think over it.