Cracking an interview is not a child’s play. They scan every bit of your personality.

Like the way you talk, what you talk, how you carry yourself, how do you react to surprises and whatnot.

They might even bombard you with a situational-based question for which you have never prepared. A surprise perhaps.

They might even try to check how strong is your temper. So you would need to know how to prepare for an interview in advance.

– Be more confident. – Read the JD (Job description) mailed to you by the HR recruiter multiple times & try to identify the main keywords.

– Make sure to highlight them in your resume in bold. Also, try modifying your career objective based on the JD’s keywords.

– Do some research about the company. Check out their website and Linkedin profiles of its owners plus few managers.

– Look at your resume and try framing the 10 most difficult questions and prepare for it facing yourself in the mirror. Keep your facial expression under the scanner.

– Make sure to google interview questions specific to your work profile.

– Take adequate sleep the night before the interview. It will keep you fresh.