The only thing to include on your resume is your education because that’s the experience you have recently been through.

Therefore, you can focus on transferable skills. These skills can be applied under different circumstances.

Perhaps you are a good orator or you can communicate well. This skill is much required by any company or organization.

Other skills may include sales skills, the ability to solve problems or to work with numbers.

There are several ways by which transferable skills can be mentioned on your cover letter, job application, or on your resume.

No work experience resume can be drafted most skillfully if some creativity and intuition can be used.

Apart from this, a no work experience resume would look much the same as a professional resume.

It would be printed out in ivory or white paper with a regular 10-12 font size. In other words, it should be presentable.

The other very personal details like height, weight, and other details can be safely avoided. The main factor in writing a no work experience resume is presentation.