The resume summary must contain your qualifications, important achievements, experience, or any significant talent and skills.

Remember that this is just a summary, so one need not write everything in details, but should only select and highlight the most important points

which would help convince the employer that you have the skills and experience for a job.

The tone and language of the resume summary also depends on the job you are applying for.

For example, one can be formal or informal depending on the post or sector. If it is job in sales, you can show your communication skills by preparing an interesting resume summary.

The idea is to make an impression and stay in the employer’s mind and for that you need to present your talents and qualifications creatively.

Be descriptive, although in a concise manner, choose your words carefully so that they have the punch to set you apart from the rest and makes your employer believe that you are perfect for the job position.

A resume has different elements which come together to create a total impression.

The primary motive of a resume is to give the employer information about the candidate and show that he is the right person for this job