Kendall Jenner just offered some major tips and advice on how she manages her mental health.

In a recently shared Instagram post, the model explained that her anxiety - especially her social anxiety - has "been on 100 lately."

The 26-year-old model has been struggling lately but she's been finding ways to start her days in a "calm" state of mind and cherishes having her own space and time.

Jenner said that her morning habits, which include journaling, expressing gratitude, and engaging in breathing exercises, have been beneficial in combatting her anxiety.

The brunette beauty then went on to detail all the techniques and habits she's found helpful, including deep breathing, writing in her journal, and taking in her surroundings.

Here's a look at her specific routine: – 10 deep inhales/exhales before touching her phone – Journaling in her yard – Writing down all the things she's looking forward to today and this month – Expressing gratitude for all her blessings – Taking in the sun – Drinking tea and practicing some more deep breathing

"Give it a try," Jenner says. "I'm optimistic about my day ahead and you should be too! Love you!"

The 'Kardashians' star previously admitted her struggles with anxiety began when she was "really young".

She said last year: "I remember being really young — I'd say eight, nine, 10 — and having shortness of breath and going to my mom and telling her that."

And Kendall - whose mental health worsened with fame - has had various physical symptoms due to her anxiety but admitted she can be a "real hypochondriac".